This Morning's Josie Gibson says she's lost 1st after switching to a healthy diet as she poses in skimpy bunny outfit

JOSIE Gibson says she's lost a stone after switching to a healthy diet.

The This Morning star showed off her weight loss while posing in a skimpy bunny outfit this week.

Josie, 36, hit 16st after the birth of her first child Reggie in 2018.

Over the years her weight has fluctuated – but the TV personality says she's now embracing a healthy lifestyle after joining Weight Watchers.

Josie told OK! Magazine: "So I've lost over a stone now and I just enjoy it, I'm enjoying cooking healthy and enjoying – we all go out to this virtual walk, Walk to Wellness, and there's a lovely community.

"I would like to be a size 12/14. I don't wanna be really skinny because I can't, it'll kill me to get there and, say, a large 12 and be fit.

"I would love to start running, everyone's got this running buzz!"

In 2012, Josie famously transformed her body when she shifted a huge six stone in weight and went from a size 20 to size 8.

Then in 2016, she had surgery to remove 6lb of excess skin left from the staggering weight loss.

The mother-of-one shot to fame in 2010 when she won Big Brother, and has been open about her changing weight over the years.

But she's faced online abuse from body-shamers who attack her over her yoyo dieting. One wrote: "I don’t mean to be rude but @Josiestweet is absolutely vile.

"It breaks my heart when I look at how fat she has got again."

She hit back, saying: "But you are being rude, so you do mean to be rude.

"Don't let my weight gain break your heart, honestly there is so many more things in the world to care about that really do matter."

To show off her new look, Josie dressed up as an "easter bunny" in a hilarious sketch on This Morning that had viewers in hysterics.

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