Tipping Point's Ben Shephard leaves celeb guests red-faced with cheeky 'well hung' joke on show

TIPPING Point host Ben Shephard embarrassed his celebrity guests by making a cheeky "well hung" joke on the show.

Presenter Angela Rippon, 76, was red-faced after 45-year-old Ben made an innuendo about the coins.

Telling Jeff Stelling "looks good, doesn't it?", Ben was then surprised when the coins failed to drop.

He continued: "Well, looks can be deceiving.

"They're very well-hung on that Tipping Point, but not going to drop."

Angela chimed: "Are you sure you want to say that?"

And then Ben acted innocent, replying: "I don't know what you mean Angela…"

It's not the first time Ben has slipped in some cheeky phrases to entertain viewers on the ITV show.

Earlier this month, Ben made a joke about Gregg Wallace's "dangler" and left viewers in hysterics.

Ben returned to Good Morning Britain recently for the first time in two months.

He had taken time off work to film Tipping Point after its schedule was pushed back due to COVID-19.

Calling it an "immense undertaking" Ben explained how the series features more than 660 contestants and includes "tons of jackpots" and a "double jackpot" but also "heartbreaking losses".

He continued: "I honestly can’t thank the team enough for all their hard work, they have made the seemingly impossible possible – all during a global pandemic, oh and they’ve put up with me too which is no mean feat!!

"The only thing missing has been the #benhugs but I’m saving them up and they will return!! I can’t wait for you to see them #tippingpoint."

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