Titans Sneak Peek: Rose Wilson Is a Real Ravager in Action-Packed Debut

Rose Wilson very much earns her eventual codename in this exclusive sneak peek from DC Universe’s Titans.

In the second episode of Season 2, which premieres this Friday and is aptly titled “Rose,” three months have passed since the team’s encounter with Trigon, and Dick is hard at work training Rachel, Gar and Jason in Titans Tower. Meanwhile, the rest of the heroes have embarked on the next phase of their lives, with Hank and Dawn retreating to Wyoming, and Donna and Kory tracking down a rogue metahuman.

Everyone’s search for a “new normal,” however, is soon enough disrupted by “old threats from the past and the emergence of a mysterious young runaway.”

Said runaway, Rose “Daughter of Slade/Deathstroke” Wilson (played by new series regular Chelsea T. Zhang, of Andi Mack and Netflix’s upcoming Daybreak), first gains the Titans’ attention when a bit of grand theft auto leads to her getting into a fracas with the fuzz, all caught by live TV news coverage.

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