Tom Allen recalls brutal dig from Alan Carr about new home No furniture!

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TV comics Tom and Alan will be back on screens this Christmas for a special festive edition of There’s Something About Movies. Ahead of the comedy quiz show’s return to Sky this week, Tom chatted to and other press and opened up about his first time living away from his parents.

Tom, 38, revealed he received some harsh comments from stand-up and presenter Alan about his new house.

The comedian and host of The Apprentice: You’re Fired had lived with his parents up until 2021.

He then revealed on Lorraine in May that they had “thrown him out”.

The TV star currently resides in his own place in London but admitted it took him a while to make his house a home.

“I like it,” he told the Express. “At first Alan made fun of me because I told him that I don’t have any furniture.

“So he’s still like, ‘have you got any furniture yet?’”

“So for a long time I just had to stand up,” Tom joked.

He explained he had to resort to some desperate measures before his furniture delivery finally arrived.

“At one point I had some garden furniture,” he recalled. “You know that white plastic stuff? So it was like I lived in a swimming pool.

“So that was glamorous. But I have got furniture now, so that’s good. Eventually, IKEA delivered.”

Tom announced earlier this month that his father had sadly passed away from a heart attack.

At the time of talking to the Express, he revealed his new residence isn’t far from his parents’ home in Bromley, and they were able to check in regularly.

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On living by himself for the first time, he explained: “It’s just getting used to it really, getting used to being in my own space.”

However, he was still coming to terms with some of the trickier aspects of day-to-day modern living.

“I don’t understand how the heating works,” Tom admitted.

“I don’t know if anybody understands how the heating works.”

“I’ve got it on an eco setting at the moment, because I’m trying to be… you know, COP26.

“And yet the heating’s still on. Why isn’t the heating just on and off? No one knows what 27 degrees feels like!”

Tom will be dealing with some slightly more festive conundrums with the likes of Jennifer Saunders and Michael Sheen when movie buffs’ favourite quiz show returns for its holiday special this week.

There’s Something About Movies airs Thursday, December 16 at 8pm on Sky Max and Sky Showcase.

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