Trailers of the Week: 'Dating Amber,' 'Lovecraft Country,' 'Love, Victor,' and More

Dating Amber

Set in Ireland during the mid-90s, Eddie (portrayed by Fionn O’Shea) and Amber (portrayed by Lola Petticrew) are two teens attempting to fit in. Only, things aren’t going so well. While both are secretly gay, their peers already suspect it. To spare themselves the ridicule, the two friends stage a relationship, performing awkward displays of affection for others’ benefit. While the clip teases the teens’ relationships with real partners finally eclipsing their arrangement, the friendship between them is anything but fake.  (June 4)

Lovecraft Country

In the 1950s deep south, Atticus Black (portrayed by Jonathan Majors) goes searching for a hidden “birthright” that’s existence is made known in a letter from his missing father.  The search takes Atticus to Lovecraft Country, a place where outsiders are met dangerous forces. The clip gives glimpses of the supernatural entities and monsters at play in Lovecraft Country, but for Atticus, the true danger comes from the hands of other people as racism runs rampant in the Jim Crow south. (August)

Love, Victor 

As a new student at Creekwood High, Victor just wants a fresh start and a chance to be himself. Only, he has to figure out what that means first. Adjusting to a new city and school is hard enough, and Victor has the added task of coming to understand his sexuality. “My story is confusing,” Victor says in a voiceover. “Some guys like guys, some guys like girls, some guys like both. I’m not even sure what I like.” The clip teases a possible romance between Victor and Benji – and Victor and Mia. In the closing moments, Victor says, “Sixteen will be the year I finally figure out what I want.” (June 19)

Perry Mason

The new HBO series stars Matthew Rhys as Perry Mason, a defense attorney taking on a “kidnapping gone way wrong.” While he searches for answers, not everybody (including Tatiana Maslany’s Sister Alice) thinks he’s the man for the job. Set in 1930s Los Angeles, the trailer teases plenty of evangelical fervor, car chases, and institutions with ulterior motives. As Perry chases down the case, he’s warned that everybody – from the church to the police – is involved.  (June 21)

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