TV host is mortified by what she hears as webcam model masturbates behind door

A TV presenter was clearly shocked by what she heard emanating from a webcam model's room while she sat outside.

Former Radio 1 presenter Alice Levine has been following the lives of couples who share their sex lives with people online for money as part of Channel 4 series Sex Actually with Alice Levine.

Sam and Nikita appeared on Wednesday's episode and explained how they had fallen in love fro each other during lockdown and started making explicit webcam content.

And although Alice is no stranger to erotic scenes – she is a host on the award-winning podcast ‘My Dad Wrote a Porno’ – one steamy session almost became too awkward to bear.

Using an evening to film a masturbation routine for his followers, she decided to wait outside while Sam got underway.

“I’ll linger because I’m aware that I’m not setting the mood for you”, she acknowledged.

The tattooed webcam model laughed awkwardly, saying: “Haha it’s fine, it’s fine.” He then gave a quick salute, before closing the door and getting to work.

Unable to control her smirk, Alice turned to the camera, grinning: “Here we go”.

All was quiet at first, with the presenter asking: “How do we know when it’s started?” But then, some suspect noises could be heard coming from the bedroom.

Covering her head with her hands, Alice could be seen struggling to maintain her composure.

“I can hear him breathing,” she grimaced.

Then suddenly, it was over. Alice noted: “I think I can hear him putting his pants on”.

Greeting Sam, Alice asked him how the session had been for him.

“Yeah, hot man, I am dripping with sweat”, Sam responded.

“I feel relieved… I got footage filmed, got a few pictures taken, and probably lost half a pound in sweat.”

Earlier on in the documentary episode, Sam and his girlfriend Nikita explained to Alice how their relationship worked, having sex both for pleasure and to create money-making content.

Despite the fact Sam defines himself as straight, he noted that most of the people paying for his content are men.

“Even to say that 90% of my fans are men would probably be an understatement”, he suggested.

“I think that’s why I’m at an advantage in this industry, this is how male performers make money, is from gay men.

“It’s a business transaction at the end of the day. Emotions stay out of it.”

And Nikita claimed that this fact has also made it easier for her to navigate their relationship.

“It’s almost nicer to have the attention from males rather than females. That can sound hypocritical from me, because obviously 95% of my followers are all straight men… but I think it’s just the way my hormones are programmed,” she said.

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