Vanessa Feltz recounts sickening moment Rolf Harris groped her on live TV

Vanessa Feltz on Rolf Harris ‘ordeal’

During Tuesday’s episode of her TalkTV programme, Vanessa Feltz spoke about Rolf Harris’ death.

The disgraced entertainer died on May 10 from neck cancer and “frailty of old age”, according to his death certificate.

The news of the 93-year-old’s death was announced on Tuesday, with Vanessa detailing the terrifying moment he allegedly groped her on the programme Big Breakfast in 1996.

Speaking about the ordeal, Vanessa, said: “We crowded into the little tiny bedroom where the Big Breakfast was situated a real lock keeper’s cottage.

“There was me on the bed and Rolf Harris next to me and the cameraman, and director.”

Vanessa continued: “I can hear this noise and if you look at a picture of me you will see I am wearing a full-length beaded gown.

“The noise was my dress being crunched between Rolf’s fingers as he started at my ankles and began to bring the dress further and further up my legs.

“You can actually see in one of the pictures, me taking a blue cushion and putting it between us to try to make some space between me and him – and he completely ignored it.”

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She continued: “I could feel my dress coming further up my thighs… You know when they say assaulting a woman in plain sight, it doesn’t get much more in plain sight than live on television with a camera filming it.”

Vanessa said she did not know what to do and could not shout, “Get off me” because it was a live broadcast.

“I knew if I didn’t do something immediately it was going to be a proper assault,” she claimed.

So the broadcasting legend decided to “do what you are never allowed to do as a presenter” and cut to an advertisement break when she wanted to.

Vanessa added: “When you watch the footage of this, and I have been able to rewatch it because the police brought it to my house to show it to me [when they were investigating Harris], I could see myself and I remember very clearly what I said, anyway, I didn’t really need to see the film to remember it, I just went [gasps] like that because the hand was coming right up and I went like this, ‘Um, right. Okay. Well, we’ll throw to a break now. We’ll go straight to a break.”

Vanessa claimed neither of them said a word to each other during the break and they continued presenting the show when it resumed.

Harris was sentenced to five years and nine months in jail in 2014 when he was 84 years old for 12 indecent assaults on four young women and girls between 1968 and 1986.

Mr Justice Sweeney told him during sentencing: “Your reputation now lies in ruins, you have been stripped of your honours, but you have no one to blame but yourself.”

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