WATCH: Alaskan Bush People's Bear Brown Says 'Things Didn't Turn Out' as Expected After Split from Fiancée

With a new season comes new challenges — both familial and environmental — for the Brown family.

In a PEOPLE exclusive sneak peek at the upcoming season of Alaskan Bush People, the Discovery series gives viewers a glimpse of the extreme journey the Browns will face — including a hefty winter storm, moments of self-reflection, a race to complete their cabin in frigid temperatures, and the onset of the coronavirus pandemic, which forces the family to reconstruct their daily lives.

"We go to great extremes to be able to do things the way we want to do," patriarch Billy Brown says of his family, who relocated from Alaska to Washington.

As for son Bear, he is learning that life doesn't always turn out the way people hope it would.

"I try not to look too far into the future, but I've got quite a bit weighing on my mind," Bear says in the trailer. "It's like, you know, things didn't turn out a 100 percent how I would've wanted them to, but beggars and choosers and winners and losers, right? It's a small price to pay to be extreme. Keep on living a Bush life. I'm just trying to stay occupied, go where I'm needed and wander when I'm not."

But Bear isn't the only one who is learning the importance of fatherhood.

"It's a monumental moment," Gabriel Starbuck Brown, who welcomed his first child with wife Raquell Rose last year, says of becoming a dad in the footage. "It's the biggest responsibility in the world."

Says Bear: "It's crazy to think just how fast the wolf pack has been growing."

Alaskan Bush People premieres Sunday, Aug. 23 at 8 p.m. ET on the Discovery Channel.

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