Watch the moment Ken thinks about leaving in Coronation Street

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It’s decision time for Ken Barlow (William Roache) in a new Coronation Street video clip as he gets an offer from Martha (Stephanie Beacham), who is about to leave Weatherfield. She wants him to come with her!

She breaks the news that she’s starting rehearsals on a new play in Hull the next day, meaning she’ll miss Ken’s am dram production.

‘I’m truly sorry I won’t be there to hear your wonderful words performed,’ she tells Ken in the Rovers. Ken smiles modestly before saying how much everyone will miss Martha, who’s been ‘a breath of fresh air.’

Then Martha reveals her tempting offer. Leaning over the table to gaze deeply into Ken’s eyes she tells him she’s going to need help to make further revisions to the play.

‘What are you saying?’ gasps Ken. It’s an emotionally-charged moment.

‘Come with me,’ Martha says. ‘Ken – come with me to Hull!’

With an offer as tempting as that, how is a man to refuse?

William Roache told us about what’s going through Ken’s mind at this point. ‘First of all he’s absolutely surprised because it’s a repetition of before when she asked him to come away on the barge and go to London,’ he said.

‘And so he’s very flattered and very surprised that she asks him to do that. To have Martha again offer him that lifestyle is beyond his dreams so he’s obviously very interested and it hits him deeply.

‘The writers have been very clever here because you can see both sides. In the past there was Deirdre on the scene and she was the big pull to Weatherfield but now he’s free and it’s just a choice between Wendy (Roberta Kerr) and Martha.

And of course it’s not just a big decision for Ken – it would have huge repercussions for the actor who plays him, too. ‘If he goes with Martha I’ll leave the Street and that would be a pretty big upheaval now!’ William said.

What will Ken decide?

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