Wendy Williams' chair BREAKS on live TV as she shouts 'what a disaster' days after burping and farting on show

WENDY Williams' chair BROKE live on her show.

The daytime talk show host shouted "what a disaster," just days after burping and farting on the air.

Wendy yelled at the top of Hot Topics: "What! Hold On! Why are you all screaming at me? They're screaming at me. What is going on?! The chair broke. Not my throne?! Live TV, hey!

"My chair's broken? Okay, I'll take my Prince chair. Hey, boys model it from the back. Show it from the back. This is my Prince chair.

"Oh my gosh. What a disaster. I love it!… Oh my gosh I love this show."

Crew quickly switched out the chair, and Wendy went on with the show.

Earlier this week, Wendy shocked fans as she appeared to BURP and FART on live TV. 

The 56-year-old was busy chatting about the latest Kim Kardashian and Kanye West gossip when she accidentally let a belch out followed by what appeared to be a little fart.

Following her burp, Wendy quickly covered her mouth before seemingly letting out a sly toot. 

The popular talk show host appeared unfazed by the indiscretion and rolled her eyes.  

Wendy let out a belch on the show at least three times last year.

In October she explained the interruption came because of her breakfast of eggs and potatoes.

Earlier that month she burped apologizing: "Oh excuse me. Wendy's burp was louder than…"

Her producer chimed in: "Wendy burps loudly."

She went on: "I always have and I always will. I try to hold them back to be civilized, but as you know we're not a civilized group. And so if I have to let her rip, it's ripping."

Wendy then laughed and snorted adding: "Wendy snorted louder than a man. Is that the next thing?"

Another time she burped, blaming it on the "Puerto Rican food" she ate on the previous show.

Wendy may start keeping her infamous burps at bay after recently going out with Mike Esterman and choosing him in a dating game on her show.

Wendy said of her new man Mike: "I like him. I really really like Mike. We're [close]. We didn't have the sex, but we're close."

Meanwhile, Wendy filed for divorce after her husband at the time Kevin Hunter allegedly fathered a child, reportedly named Journey, with Sharina Hudson.

They were married from 1997-2019 and share a 20-year-old son, Kevin Jr.

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