Weve already paid with council tax! Vine caller backs charging tourists for toilets

Locals 'already pay' for public toilets with tax says Vine caller

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Jeremy Vine asked viewers of his Channel 5 show whether they agreed with St Ives, Cornwall’s decision to charge tourists to use public toilets. Caller Sally agreed with the decision as she pointed out residents are “already paying towards” the toilets through their council tax contributions. 

Jeremy spoke to viewer Sally who explained why she felt locals should have priority over the use of public toilets. 

She said: “Well the point is you don’t probably don’t look at how your council tax is broken down but I do.

“You get so much for the police and so much goes to the country council, so much goes to the district council and so much goes to the village. 

“People who live there are already paying towards those toilets anyway so they’ve paid already.”

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