WGA To Host Panel On Gun Violence In Popular Culture

The WGA West will host a panel discussion on gun violence and “the responsibility of the entertainment community to ‘pull the veil’ and expose the realities of gun violence as it affects our communities.” The panel, called Flipping the Switch on Gun Violence, will be held June 27 at the guild’s headquarters. MacGyver executive producer David Slack will moderate.

The invite sent tonight to members says that it promises to be “an evening of thought-provoking conversation led by the nation’s largest gun violence prevention organization, Everytown for Gun Safety, where we will address the shifting cultural narratives on gun violence in America through accurate portrayals in television programs. Survivors of gun violence, gun safety advocates, and fellow content creators will join us.”

Deborah Nelson, a member of the Everytown Survivor Network, will be one of the panelists. “Seven years ago,” she wrote a few years ago, “my 30-year-old daughter Monique was buckling her 2-year-old son into his car seat in a Sacramento shopping center in the middle of the day when she was shot and killed in the crossfire of a gun battle she had nothing to do with. Her body was found draped over her baby boy, the bullets in her back.”

Other panelists include Marti Noxon, executive producer of HBO’s Sharp Objects, and Noelle Howey, Everytown’s director of cultural engagement, and Jonas Oransky, the group’s legal director.

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