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RADIO legend Chris Evans has shared that he has been diagnosed with cancer.

Here we take a look at the broadcaster's condition and when he shared his diagnosis on his radio show.

What condition does Chris Evans have?

Radio star Chris Evans has shared the news of being diagnosed with skin cancer – which was thankfully discovered in the extremely early stages.

The Virgin radio host is said to be hoping for a full recovery, with skin cancer being one of the most treatable forms of the illness.

According to Cancer Research UK: ''The earlier a melanoma is found, the easier it is to treat. So it's important to see your GP as soon as possible if you have any of the following skin changes.''

Symptoms of melanoma include a change in a mole, freckle, or a normal patch of skin.

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It comes after Chris revealed he had undergone a skin cancer test in 2019 – after finding worrying marks on his body.

He said the hot weather Brits had that summer and the "high levels of UV" raised concerns for him.

The broadcaster previously explained: ''I went and had a few marks on my body inspected by a skin expert before Christmas and she said, 'You need to come and see me again, just because of your complexion'.''

He added the expert told him he had ''nothing to worry about'' – but said she advised him to get checked once a year.

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When did Chris Evans announce his cancer diagnosis?

On August 21, 2023, the broadcaster announced the diagnosis on his show.

Talking to listeners, Chris said: ''We need to discuss what's going on with this issue. It is a melanoma.

"There's this phrase called a malignant melanoma – you know once you get something and you find out all about it – that is a redundant phrase because if it is a melanoma it is malignant.

"But it's been caught so early, just so you know, that it should be completely treatable.

"[Treatment] will happen on September 14."

Chris, who did the London Marathon this year, went on to explain to listeners that he can't run for one month afterwards.

The broadcaster joked: ''I can't run for a month afterwards so I'm going to do nothing but run until then. Is that ok?"

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