What happened to Mikey on Tough As Nails?

TOUGH As Nails contestant Mikey “Eyebrows” Guerriero stunned fans of the show with his sudden departure from the series on the third episode.

Without an elimination, Mikey left the series along with Tara Alverson, who departed early due to an injury. 

What happened to Mikey on Tough As Nails?

Mikey left the CBS series Tough As Nails for unknown reasons.

His early departure from the show prompted fans to worry as his exit was not discussed further in the series.

It is unknown if he will be back in the later episodes of the show.

Mikey joins Tara in being the two contestants who self-eliminate from the competition.

Tara did not receive medical clearance from a doctor to return to the series after she injured her thumb in the previous episode. 

What is Tough As Nails?

Tough As Nails is a reality TV competition series that features contestants competing in challenges at job sites to test their strength, endurance, and skills.

Contestants compete in team challenges, individual competitions, and elimination battles, known as “overtime.” 

However, contestants who lose elimination challenges do not leave the game and still have the opportunity to win additional prizes during team competitions.

Each competition the team wins earns them $12,000 and they receive a badge of honor. 

The team with the most badges of honor by the end of the season receives a cash prize of $60,000 to be split amongst members. 

If both teams have the same number of badges of honor, there is a tie breaker.

Where can I watch Tough As Nails?

Tough As Nails airs on CBS on Wednesdays at 8pm ET.

The show is currently on its second season, which premiered on February 10, 20201.

Full episodes are available to stream for free on the CBS website.

Episodes are also available on Hulu and YouTube TV. 

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