What is Ray Crosby up to in Coronation Street? The villain caused the Platt’s sinkhole

CORONATION Street fans were shocked to discover that Ray Crosby had paid someone to cause the giant sinkhole in David Platt’s garden. 

But why is the sleazy hotelier – who is played by Mark Frost in the ITV soap – on a mission to destroy the cobbles by buying up the properties one by one? Here’s the lowdown…

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What is Ray Crosby up to in Coronation Street?

Last Friday’s episode of Corrie (September 11) saw viewers learn that Ray is behind the huge sinkhole in David’s garden as he thanked the workman he’d hired to create the mess and scare the Platts out of their home.

Ray’s antics are part of his larger scheme to destroy the cobbles by growing a property empire. 

Viewers know that has already blackmailed Kevin Webster into giving him control of the garage’s buildings, and schemed to take the Bistro from Michelle Connor. 

And now the hotelier has planned to take David’s house from under him. 

Speaking to Metro.co.uk about Ray’s evil plan, actor Mark Frost said: "I think he does see himself an empire builder, so he is looking to purchase property and get his business to grow exponentially.

"I think what’s going to come as a surprise is just what means he’s willing to go to — what lengths he’s willing to go to — to get his plans put his plans in place, and the odds that’s going to put him at with the rest of the Weatherfield community."

Talking about why his character wants to destroy the cobbles, Mark added: "He’s got no familial links. He sees people and communities as pawns. I think to a certain extent there is that breed of property developer, who in order to get plans drawn up and disband communities, they can’t surely look at people as individuals and human beings.

"For him, sentimentality is a weakness. It’s something he hates and its probably something from his childhood. We could look at his attitude towards women and maybe his mother, but I think its to do with that.

"I think he sees the bon ami and the neighbourly love in Weatherfield and people looking out for each other. I think he has a distaste for that.’

"I think it probably burns him in a way because he is such a loner, and he doesn’t feel that. I think he’s quite prepared to set fire to all of that."

Will David work out what Ray is up to in Corrie?

Monday night’s episodes saw David grow suspicious of Ray as he assured him his family was welcome to stay at one of his hotels for as long as they need. 

And official spoilers have revealed that David’s suspicions will be piqued later this week when Ray offers to ask a developer mate of his to buy the house off David for the full asking price – despite the huge sinkhole in the garden. 

So it's looking promising that a suspicious David will do some digging.

But with Corrie yet to confirm whether David cottons on to Ray's evil scheme, viewers will have to tune in to see what happens.

Is Ray Crosby Callum Logan’s dad?

Corrie fans are convinced that Ray will turn out to be connected to Callum Logan, the biological father of David’s son Max. 

The drug dealing leader of a local gang, Callum terrorised Kylie and David and even targeted David's sister Sarah. 

As the feud between the Platts and Callum escalated, Callum ended up attacking Sarah, forcing Kylie to intervene and accidentally kill him. 

David and Sarah then helped to bury Callum’s body underneath an oblivious Gail’s floor. 

Could Ray be connected to Callum in some way and want revenge on the Platt family for killing him?

One convinced fan tweeted: “I won’t be surprised if Ray turns out to be Callum’s dad. #Corrie"

Another added: "P*ss off Ray. We all know you are related to Callum don't take David for a fool #Corrie."

A third viewer tweeted: "#Corrie So Ray is related to Callum!"

But with Corrie yet to confirm plot details, viewers will have to tune in to find out whether Ray has a vendetta against David personally, or whether he's just part of Ray's plan to destroy the cobbles.

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