What is Wolk in Tribes of Europa?

Tribes Of Europa: Netflix trailer teases German sci-fi series

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Tribes of Europa has gone down a hit with fans and it has made its way into the Netflix top 10. The series is set 50 years into the future, after a global catastrophe causes Europe to split into different tribal states. Fans are keen to know what Wolk is, and Express.co.uk has all you need to know.

What is Wolk in Tribes of Europa?

Tribes of Europa is a six-part series and all episodes arrived on Netflix on February 19.

Fans have already binged their way through the episodes, which follow three siblings as they attempt to alter Europe’s fate.

Kiano (played by Emilio Sakraya), Liv (Henriette Confurius) and Elja (David Ali Rashed) are the three siblings who discover a mysterious cube.

The cube will guide Elja to The Ark, which is a gateway to another realm called Atlantia.

For those who have watched the whole series, they are keen to find out more about Wolk.

In the series, Kiano works at a wolk factory and wolk is a drug used by the Crows – one of the deadly tribes.

Wolk can be damaging to those who work in close proximity to it and it can rot the brain.

Throughout the series David (Robert Finster) came up with a plan to destroy the wolk factories, which would cripple the Crow’s economy.

Philip Koch is the creator of the series and he posted a photo from behind the scenes to help explain the concept.

He said: “The wonderful @leonardkunz92 as Swobodnik Linus. In the show, this is the factory where the Crows produce a drug called ‘wolk’.”

Some fans have suggested the drug is another name for Methamphetamine – or ‘meth’.

The Crows are seen inhaling a substance through masks and one fan responded with: “I’m pretty sure [it’s] the wolk drug that they harvest in the slave factories.”

The ominous drug is obtained at the factories at Brahtok, where Kiano and Jakob (Benjamin Sadler) were taken to work.

Spiegel Culture gave some insight into the drug, saying: “The Crows reside in the ruins of Berlin, where they have slaves brew a super drug called wolk, which they then use at parties, wrapped in leather, lacquer and latex.”

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At the end of the series fans were sad to see Kiano had become one of The Crows and he was given his first huff of wolk.

He ended up as the servant of the evil Lord Varvara (Melika Foroutan) and was given the new name, Tarok.

Kiano had spoken of becoming a Crow and fans are wondering whether he has decided to act as a double agent.

He could have plans to destroy the tribe from an inside perspective and fans are hoping more will come to light in season two.

Fans shared their thoughts on Twitter, with one saying: “Kiano is by far the most interesting character. But I feel he is set up to turn evil.

“He has a toxic relationship with Varvara. She’s his rapist and torturer, but the closest thing he has to a mother. I see him ruling the Crow nation after killing her.”

The Crows are considered to be the antagonists of the series but fans have fallen in love with the tribe.

One viewer said: “On chapter four of Tribes of Europa and I know the Crows are meant to be the bad guys, but I’m loving all this leather.”

Another said: “Just finished watching #TribesOfEuropa and it was sooo good. I loved it. Ugh I hate the Crows but they are well dressed lol [sic].”

Tribes of Europa is streaming on Netflix now

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