Where is Bridget Marquardt now?

BRIDGET Marquardt rose to fame after starring in the reality TV series The Girls Next Door.

The American television personality and model used the series as a means of showcasing her life as one of Hugh Hefner's girlfriends.


Where is Bridget Marquardt now?

For six years, the Playboy model was one of Hugh’s original girlfriends on The Girls Next Door.

However, her life looks drastically different nowadays.

Recently, she has been busy vlogging on YouTube under the username 'TheRealBridget', in which she documents things such as live seances as well as investigating artefacts of those who have died.

Her YouTube content is related to the podcast she hosts, entitled Ghost Magnet, which investigates paranormal activity.

When was Bridget Marquardt in The Girls Next Door?

Bridget's stint in The Girls Next Door lasted for six years, when she appeared in the series from 2002 all the way through to 2008.

Airing on E! Entertainment, The Girls Next Door was created by Ken Burns alongside Playboy founder Hugh Hefner.

The show sparked many spin-off opportunities for a number of castmates, including Bridget.

She hosted Bridget's Sexiest Beaches, a TV series that debuted in March 2009 on the Travel Channel, but lasted just one season.


Did Bridget Marquardt live in the Playboy Mansion?

In 1998, aged 25, Bridget entered Playboy's Millennium Playmate search. Two years later she moved to Los Angeles, where she pursued local modelling jobs and small acting roles.

It was in Los Angeles where, after unsuccessfully testing twice, Bridget was eventually invited to become a regular visitor of the Playboy Mansion.

In October 2002, following a year of visiting, she was invited to move in and become one of Hefner's girlfriends.

It was from this point onwards when Marquardt opted to star in The Girls Next Door. She has a number of acting credits, appearing in an episode of Curb Your Enthusiasm alongside fellow playmates Kendra Wilkinson and Holly Maddison.

Does Bridget Marquardt have a partner?

In a 2007 issue of Star magazine, Marquardt revealed that she was married but separated and had been living in the Playboy mansion since October 2002.

According to the interview, her husband supported her move to Los Angeles and though they remained friends, the move put a strain on their marriage and they were in the process of divorcing.

Bridget revealed more about her failed marriage to E! in 2008, when she said: "I married my best friend when I was 23, but when I realized I wanted to move to LA to follow my dreams, we separated and eventually divorced."

Marquardt moved out of the Playboy mansion in 2009.

Since then, she has been in a relationship with director Nicholas Carpenter. The couple live in Sherman Oaks and have been engaged since 2015.

Does Bridget Marquardt have kids?

Bridget has previously spoken of her numerous failed fertility treatments.

Though the model has had three rounds of IVF and froze her eggs eleven years ago, the former playmate has yet to realise her dream of having a baby. 

Bridget actually made the decision to freeze her eggs while living in the mansion, claiming it was an "insurance policy for later on in life."

However, when she decided to thaw out her eggs, it emerged the process had failed.

"None of my eggs survived. It was devastating for me, all this time I thought I had an amazing insurance policy but it didn’t work out," she said. 

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