Where is Selling Sunsets Christine Quinn now? From new business to season 6 plans

Selling Sunset Season 5: Official Netflix trailer

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Selling Sunset returned to Netflix with the most dramatic season yet as Christine Quinn’s feud with her co-stars reached new heights. During the season five reunion episode, Jason Oppenheim confirmed there was no longer a place for her at the brokerage. Express.co.uk has all you need to know about where the fan favourite real estate star is now.

Where is Selling Sunset’s Christine Quinn now?

Season five of Selling Sunset saw Christine find a friend in Chelsea Lazkani, the newest member of The Oppenheim Group.

However, by the end of the season, she told Chelsea she wanted to be her own boss.

Christine was at the centre of the drama as her co-stars, such as Heather Rae El Moussa and Mary Fitzgerald, called her out on her behaviour.

Waving off their grievances, she went on to confirm she had terminated her contract at the brokerage.

Christine, 33, has since launched her own business called RealOpen, with her husband Christian.

She said it was a business decision to leave the agency when her new business launched.

The star said Jason knew about her plans, but felt her other co-stars may not have taken her seriously.

“I don’t think anyone actually thought … I think they thought I was bluffing.

“I don’t think they actually thought I was working on a company, I don’t know. But I told them for a year that I was working on this.

“Everyone knows … Jason and I, we have a really good understanding.

“I told him, ‘This comes from a career move. I have to do my own thing. So that’s why I made the company,'” she told People.

Her new business allows anyone to buy a new home using cryptocurrency, making this the first venture of its kind.

The website for the company says: “We are the bridge between the bright future of digital assets and anachronistic industries in need of disruption.

“RealOpen is built by a team of people passionate about pushing the boundaries of real estate and finance.”

Although Selling Sunset has not officially been renewed, Christine said she may still have a place on the show.

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She said: “I’m open to a discussion. It’s just it’s a matter of I need to be able to promote what I’m actually working on.

“So if they want to accept that, that would be amazing. I would absolutely still love to be a part of the show.

“But I’m not going to be a ‘friend of’. I need to be shown doing my real estate.”

With this in mind, it seems her future on the show will be determined by whether she can be seen in her new role.

She is unlikely to step foot in The Oppenheim Group offices again after the season five drama.

Instead, she hopes to expand her new business venture beyond real estate.

The star hopes to list yachts, artwork and jewellery through the company in the future.

Since leaving The Oppenheim Group, the agent has been mingling with some A-list stars for the Balenciaga NYC Fashion Show.

On Instagram, she was pictured alongside Kanye West and designer Marc Jacobs.

Selling Sunset seasons 1-5 are on Netflix now.

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