Whitney in EastEnders discovers a serious situation about her unborn baby

Whitney Dean (Shona McGarty) was initially very surprised to discover her pregnancy in EastEnders, but now she loves the idea of being a mother for the first time ever.

Attending scans, Whitney has been joined by her friends Chelsea (Zaraah Abrahams), Sonia (Natalie Cassidy), Felix (Matthew Morrison) and Finlay (Ashley Byam), but one person who has taken a considerable step back is Zack (James Farrar), the baby’s father.

We know that Zack is putting distance between himself and Whit after his positive HIV test.

Fearful about telling Whit, Zack ends up confiding in Sam (Kim Medcalf) next week, who reminds him about the importance of telling Whitney the truth.

As Zack attempts to come to a decision, Whitney attends another scan, but Doctor Lane reveal that her ultrasound has flagged up a situation with the baby.

The next day, Whitney feels dazed after yesterday’s news and later updates Zack, but will this encourage him to be there for Whit and the baby?

Discussing Zack’s new storyline, Chris Clenshaw, Executive Producer said: ‘EastEnders has never shied away from covering sensitive issues and Zack’s story is one of these.

‘There are still so many myths and disinformation surrounding HIV, so working closely with Terrence Higgins Trust has enabled us to really understand what it is like for those that are diagnosed with HIV and we hope that this storyline will bring more awareness of HIV and what it is like to live with the virus in 2023.’

You can find out answers to common questions, myths and misinformation about HIV and Zack’s story here.

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