Who Are Fans Rooting For The Most To Be The Next Bachelor, Mike Johnson or Tyler Cameron?

This season of The Bachelorette has many of us currently questioning a lot of things.

Aside from who the mystery Windmill man is and when exactly is Luke P. going home, many of us really want to know who will be the next bachelor?

This season has had its a fair share of frontrunners who have captured our hearts over the weeks.

Though ABC will not be announcing the bachelor for a while, that isn’t stopping fans from casting their votes in on Twitter.

Many are hoping the next bachelor is Mike Johnson

Since night one of The Bachelorette, Bachelor Nation has absolutely loved everything about Mike Johnson.

From his sweet demeanor to his show-stopping smile, Johnson has continued to be a fan favorite week after week.

He has even gotten extra brownie points for calling out Luke P’s psychotic behavior, which has made him a top contender in our eyes.

Throughout his time on the show, fans have wanted Mike Johnson to be the next bachelor and after his heartbreaking elimination, we think that it’s only right for him to be the Bachelor franchise’s next leading man.

So far, hundreds of fans have shared their desire to have Mike Johnson become the next bachelor on Twitter.

One user tweeted, “Since Mike left make him the next Bachelor #bachelorette.”

While someone else wrote, “Me at the bachelor/bachelorette producers if they don’t make Mike the next bachelor #TheBachelorette.”

With all of the past Bachelors having good looks, charm, emotional backstories and an authentic search for true love, Mike Johnson is the perfect person to take on this role.

On top of that, if ABC does cast him as the next bachelor, Johnson will be making history as the first African-American male to star in the franchise.

Tyler Cameron is a close runner up

Though many are rooting for Mike Johnson to take on the leading role as the next bachelor, another season contestant is also a top contender.

Tyler Cameron, who many of us just can’t get enough of, has established a very large fan base since the first episode of Hannah Brown’s season of The Bachelorette.

From being super attentive to Brown during their one-on-one’s to standing up to Luke P. after he tried to slutshaming her, Tyler Cameron has fans either wanting him to win or star on the next Bachelor installment.

“Torn between wanting Hannah to pick Tyler C because he’s perfect and wanting him to be dumped so he can be The Bachelor and we can have a whole season of him lol,” one fan tweeted.

While another fan tweeted, “Hearing Tyler C defend Hannah and her choices.”

Now that Tyler Cameron has a very good chance of making it to the top two, we will just have to wait and see if being the next Bachelor is in the cards for him.

As for when the official announcement of the next bachelor will take place, it looks like we’ll be waiting a while for that to happen.

According to sources, Season 24’s Bachelor will most likely be revealed once Bachelor in Paradise concludes.

Seeing as though the last two bachelors have been revealed in early September, it’s looking like that could be happening this time as well.

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