Who is Fake Britain presenter Matt Allwright and what other shows has he hosted?

MATT Alwright has been working as a consumer journalist for over two decades and now he's back presenting the ninth series of Fake Britain, which is on TONIGHT.

The telly favourite has tackled everything from dodgy appliances to going undercover to confront rogue traders in your kitchen. Here's everything you need to know about him…

Who is Matt Allwright?

Matt, 48, is an English TV journalist who specialises in consumer affairs.

He hosts Watchdog Live, Rogue Traders, Fake Britain and more for BBC One.

Matt has also fronted Food Inspectors and The Housing Enforcers and also does special reports for The One Show.

How did Matt become a TV presenter?

Matt got his first break in 1997 when he contact Watchdog to complain about his mother's faulty washing machine.

The BBC saw potential in him and asked him to present the report himself.

They were impressed and this led to a regular reporting slot on the show, often with his actual mother in a guest role.

In 2001, he started presenting Rogue Traders with Dan Penteado where the pair investigated and confronted rogue tradesmen during the 30-minute undercover consumer programme.

When Rogue Traders merged with Watchdog in 2009, he also became the co-host.

What other shows has he hosted?

Since 2010, Matt has filled in for Matt Baker on The One Show, as well as being a regular reporter. Since 2011, Allwright has hosted the BBC show You've Been Scammed.

In 2012, Dan was dropped by the BBC after being arrested for fraud and Matt continued to present the show on his own.

In 2013, Allwright replaced Dominic Littlewood in presenting BBC consumer rights programmes Fake Britain and Saints and Scroungers.

Also that year, he co-hosted Keeping Britain Safe with Julia Bradbury.

Other shows of his include The Housing Enforcers and game show The Code.

In 2016 Matt took over from Matt Barbet as co-host of The Saturday Show on Channel 5 alongside Gabby Roslin.

As of 2019, he also presents The Empty Housing Scandal on BBC 1.

When is Fake Britain on BBC One?

The first episode of series 9 of Fake Britain starts TONIGHT (Thursday July 4, 2019) at 7pm on BBC One.

The episode will last half an hour.

In it the team will investigate counterfeit buffalo mozzarella being sold on pizzas found in supermarkets.

They'll also be looking at what makes celebrity memorabilia fake or real.


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