Who Is HSM:TM:TS Star Sofia Wylie And What’s Her Net Worth?

“High School Musical” is the franchise that just won’t quit, which is good news for young talent who are just starting out; not only does it give them some much-needed exposure, but the Disney franchise is a total cash cow. Take Sofia Wylie, who plays Gina on “High School Musical: The Musical: The Series,” for example. Wylie has been in the Disney-verse since the beginning of her career, with most fans likely recognizing her for her role on “Andi Mack,” playing Buffy Driscoll. Before that, she toured as a dancer with Justin Bieber, starred in Disney’s “Shook,” and has done other voiceover work. She also has upcoming Netflix films in the pipeline, per IMDB. 

But “HSM: TM: TS” is her career dream come true. Wylie told EW, “Deep down, I’ve always known this was what I wanted to do, but I never actually thought that this could happen,” Wylie gushed to Entertainment Weekly. “I mean, it’s just a surreal thought that I would be on “High School Musical: The Musical: The Series” that doesn’t seem real to me.” And given how much money she has already made working on that and other shows, Wylie only has more dreams come true to come. Read on to see what the teen star is actually worth.

Being on Disney pays off

Per Starsgab, Sofia Wylie’s acting and musical career has earned her a total net worth of $2 million, which is not so shabby for someone whose career began just in 2011. While playing Mia in “Shook”, another character in the acting and music biz, Wylie told PopSugar that she could relate to the young woman’s career trajectory. “I realized how 11 or 12 year old Sofia was at the exact stage of life that Mia is at in the show, which is where you’re at this point of not really knowing who you are, not being certain with who you are, and not feeling as if that’s enough. That comes with growing up, especially within the industry, and having dance as something you want to do when you grow up,” Wylie explained. “It’s scary because it’s not a certain future. There’s no, ‘I’ll do these steps and then I’ll become this.’ It’s very uncertain, but when you have a passion for it, you’re going to do it no matter what and you just have to believe in yourself for that.” 

Although there’s not always a set career path for young stars in the entertainment business, Wylie has definitely started to carve out a solid road for herself. And though no one can predict the future, it’s a safe bet that more money and success await her as she continues on her acting journey. 

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