Who is in the cast of What Lies Below?

WRITER and director Braden R. Duemmler's debut movie What Lies Below hit Netflix on April 4 and has so far been a hit, but who is exactly stars in the film?

The mystery thriller follows 16-year-old Liberty Wells as she returns home from summer camp and starts to become suspicious of her mother's new boyfriend.

Who's in the cast of What Lies Below?

Ema Horvath as Libby Wells

Ema Horvath plays Liberty "Libby" Wells, the suspicious daughter of Michelle. After returning home from summer camp she wants to get to the bottom of her mother's newfound lover.

The 27-year-old Kentucky native is most famously known for her role as Quibi in the TV series Don't Look Deeper and for staring in the horror movie The Gallows Act II.

Outside of the movie, Horvath is set to star in the upcoming Amazon Studios Lord of the Rings series.

Mena Suvari as Michelle Wells

Mena Suvari plays Michelle, the mother of Libby and lover of John Smith.

The 42-year-old Rhode Island native is most famously known for her role as Heather in American Pie. She has also starred in American Horror Story, Chicago Fire, and had a few guest appearances on Boy Meets World.

Suvari is currently married to set-decorator Michael Hope and they welcomed their first child, Christopher Alexander, earlier this month.

Trey Tucker as John Smith

Trey Tucker plays Michelle's charming and seemingly too perfect boyfriend, John Smith.

Tucker started his career as a coder working in IT but shortly after his friends convinced him to change careers, he stepped into the acting world. He has since landed roles in The Space Between Us, The Outpost, and The Matchmaker's Playbook.

When Tucker is not acting, the 6'3" actor spends his time modeling, coding, and getting together with his Bernese Mountain dog and nephew.

Troy Iwata as Tommy

Troy Iwata plays Tommy, the handsome camp counselor in the film.

The LA/NYC-based actor also has some pretty big vocals that have landed him on Broadway debuting in Be More Chill back in 2019. He is also known for his role as Langston in the Netflix series Dash & Lily and currently stars in the TV series New Amsterdam.

When he is not performing on Broadway, he is filming commercials and print shoots for companies, including Apple, Snapchat, Buzzfeed, Citibank, and Gap.

Iwata also has a B.A degree from Vanguard University of Southern California and is currently studying improv and sketch comedy at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre in New York City.

Haskiri Velazquez as Miley

Haskiri Velazquez plays the role of Miley, Libby's best friend whom confronts John and then disappears the next morning without a trace.

A native to Washington Heights, the 25-year-old actress is no stranger to the big screen. She is most famously known for her role as Daisy in the Saved by the Bell reboot as well as her role as Charlotte in the TV series The Birch.

Velazquez has also had guest appearances on Law and Order: Special Victims Unit and Blue Bloods.

Olan Montgomery as Pharmacy Store Clerk

In the film, Olan Montgomery plays the Pharmacy Store Clerk.

He was most famously known for his role in the TV series Stranger Things where he played Newsman. Montgomery was also and director and producer for shorts, including, Al & Ollie, Babies to the world, and Silence.

Montgomery died back in April 2020 at the age of 56 after being diagnosed with Covid-19. He passed away at the Long Island Jewish Medical Center after complications with the virus.

What is What Lies Below about?

The movie follows socially awkward teenager Libby (Ema Horvath), as she returns home from her family's summer home to find her mother Michelle (Mena Suvari), in love with a younger man, John (Trey Tucker), who has been doing fresh water experiments in the area.

As Libby starts becoming suspicious of her mother's newfound lover, strange things start occurring and Libby is determined to get to the bottom of it.

How can I watch What Lies Below?

The movie is currently available to stream on Netflix.

The movie was released in December 2020 before it hit the streaming platform.

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