Who Is Kevin Kreider From Bling Empire And How Did He Get So Rich?

Netflix fans, meet Kevin Kreider. The newest heartthrob to grace our televisions via the reality show Bling Empire, released in January of 2021. But what is the show about? Imagine strapping a GoPro on your head as you follow around really, really, really rich Asian Americans while they go about their day doing all of the fabulous things rich people do including shopping, hosting parties, and indulging in all of the other guilty pleasures life has to offer. 

So what’s so special about the show’s narrator, Kevin? Simply put, Kevin is the voice of reason in an otherwise insane, extremely lavish, and opulent world. While the rest of the cast is seemingly born into massive amounts of wealth, Kevin hails from much more humble beginnings, specifically being adopted by a very middle-class caucasian family. During an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Kevin even dished about watching his castmate Anna purchase three luxury cars in one day. “It was almost a million dollars worth of Mercedes Benz cars and she’s like, ‘Oh yeah, my son just needs one. Oh, I need one. Oh, one for Kane too.’ And I was like ‘What?!’ It just blew my mind,” Kevin recalled.

But make no mistake about it — just because Kevin wasn’t born with a silver spoon in his mouth doesn’t mean that he’s dead broke either. Keep reading after the jump to learn how much the up-and-coming reality star is worth!

Kevin Kreider is reportedly worth $10 million

As it turns out model and trainer turned reality star Kevin Kreider is doing pretty well for himself… with a net worth to the tune of at least $10 million, as reported by The Tab. Not too shabby, eh?! Kevin’s money comes from his modeling work, and he also works as a fitness and nutrition coach. 

So where does that put him in regards to the rest of his friend group? It’s reported that his friend and DJ to the stars Kim Li’s net worth is comparable to his, totaling around $10 million. Hey maybe, these two have more in common than they initially thought. And if we’re simply comparing — he’s doing way better than his friend Kelly Mi Li, whose net worth is reported to be at $5 million — though we’d take that too, don’t get us wrong!

Unfortunately for Kevin, his net worth still pails in comparison to that of mega-wealthy castmates like Anna Shay who is reportedly worth a staggering $600 million, and the affluent Chius (who apparently hail from a royal dynasty, per Town & Country) who are reportedly worth a cool $80 million. 

Lucky for Kevin, only the sky is the limit!

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