Who will die in EastEnders? Mick, Linda, Phil or Sharon set for a shock drowning – The Sun

EASTENDERS is going to lose a Walford favourite next month when death comes to Albert Square.

The Sun exclusively revealed how a major character will die next month as the soap sees a dramatic death for its 35th anniversary.

But who could it be?

Mick Carter

Mick may not be long for this world according to shock new filming pictures.

Photographers snapped the moment his sister Tina screams for Mick as she searches the Thames in a life raft after he seemingly goes overboard.

Maybe he falls in and suffers a panic attack in the water and drowns?

Linda Carter

Pictures have shown Linda back on the booze as she parties to celebrate the Queen Vic's win.

She has been pictured drinking heavily on the boat and climbing up and onto tables on the deck and that can't be good.

Not known for her stability when drunk Linda could easily topple overboard and mistake the Thames for a speciality gin and try and drink her way out of it.

And fail, obviously.

Sharon Mitchell

Heavily pregnant Sharon Mitchell is set to give birth around the 35th anniversary which is convenient.

But if she were to be on the boat then she could decide to have a water birth and suffer tragic consequences and leave her little baby to be raised by others.

Ian Beale

He is the only character to have stayed in Walford since the first episode.

Even when he disappeared and became a homeless man with a beard he stayed within the sound of Walford's loudest church bells.

And while it may seem like Ian is untouchable, the biggest shock would be if he died and went to join three-fourths of his ex wives and two of his four children in the afterlife.

Phil Mitchell

In years gone by Phil Mitchell seemed immortal.

He was shot, beaten up, hell even held captive and forced to become a crack addict and brushed it all off as if it was nothing.

But that was with his old liver – and now he's getting on a bit, he might meet his match and plunge into the icy Thames and die.

Callum Highway

If anyone is doomed to death it is the man Ben Mitchell loves.

The last love of his life, Paul Coker, was beaten to death by homophobes after a lovely date night for the lovebirds.

Now with tawdry car plot hookups left of their relationships, Callum seems to be an 'I love you' from Ben away from being truly cursed.

Louise Mitchell

Things have not been going well for Louise of late.

Ever since she set up her fiancee Keanu Taylor to be murdered by Martin Fowler, she's been plagued by guilt.

And as The Sun Online exclusively revealed actress Tilly Keeper is leaving the soap.

So could Louise sink to the bottom of the Thames and take Keanu's death secret with her?

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