‘Why can’t we do the same?’ Dan Walker leaves Raab squirming with Ukrainian refugee probe

Ukraine: Raab defends UK's policy on welcoming refugees

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With many Ukrainians looking to leave their home country and cross the border into neighbouring countries for safety, BBC Breakfast host Dan Walker pressed Dominic Raab on what the UK was doing to assist refugees. Raab argued many did not want to travel as far as the UK for safety. However, when the BBC host pushed back, the politician was left squirming as he tried to explain why the UK isn’t taking the same action as other EU countries.

Detailing how the UK are responding to the refugees fleeing Ukraine, Rabb said: “We are absolutely living up to our moral obligations and you can see that with the detail of what the Home Secretary has set out yesterday.”

However, Walker hit back: “Okay, but I suppose the difference is that many parts of the EU are saying anyone can come under any circumstances.

“Why can’t we do the same as that? Because that’s the question that many of our viewers will be asking this morning.”

Raab swiftly replied: “Yes, sorry Dan, I was trying to explain that.

“That reflects, I think, the fact that particularly those central and Eastern European countries that are closer to Ukraine.

“That is likely to be where many of those fleeing will want to go because they’ll want to stay closer in the region to their home country.

“That is a common factor and feature of refugee crises that we’ve seen around the world.

“But, of course we’ll not just work with our European and our wider international partners.

“We’ll work with the UN and the international agencies to provide the most effective routes possible and we will do our bit as we’ve made clear.

“We’re willing to take up to 100,000 under a bespoke scheme set up to deal with this crisis, as we’ve done in Afghanistan and as we did in Hong Kong,” the politician insisted.

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