Why did Bachelor star Colton delete all his photos from Instagram?

FORMER Bachelor star Colton Underwood revealed he's gay in a pre-tape interview with Good Morning America that aired on April 14.

The news sent shock waves through Bachelor nation as Underwood confirmed the rumors about his sexuality that had been swirling around since his Bachelor season ended.

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Why did Bachelor star Colton delete all his photos from Instagram?

As of Wednesday, April 14, Underwood's entire Instagram feed has been wiped out.

The move comes just as the former Bachelor star revealed on GMA that he's gay.

However, it is not entirely true that he deleted all his Instagram posts because of his revelation.

Underwood's 1.9million followers woke up the morning of April 14 to an entirely empty page of the former Bachelor star's Instagram account.

What did Underwood say on GMA?

In a very candid interview, he spoke with Robin Roberts about his struggle with accepting who he was.

"This year has been a lot for a lot of people. It's probably made a lot of people look in the mirror and confront what they were running from," he began.

"For me, I've run from myself for a long time, and I've hated myself for a long time. I'm gay. And I came to terms with that earlier this year. The next step in all of this was letting people know. I'm still nervous, it's been a journey for sure."

He told Roberts that he's now the "happiest and healthiest" he's ever been in his life after overcoming a bout of depression.

At one point, he claimed he would've rather died than admitted that he was gay. When asked if he had ever harmed himself, Colton replied:

"There was a moment in LA that I woke up where I didn't think I was going to wake up. I didn't have the intentions of waking up , and I think for me, that was my wake-up call of 'this is your life, take back control."

"Looking beyond that, even just suicidal thoughts, driving my car close to a cliff and thinking 'if I drive my car off this cliff it's not that big of a deal.."

"I don't feel that anymore," he declared.

What did he say about his ex-girlfriend Cassie Randolph?

During his time on the ABC dating competition show, Underwood fell head over heels for Cassie Randolph.

The pair dated for 18 months after the season finale of The Bachelor season 23, though eventually called it quits in May 2020.

During the interview, Underwood admitted he was in love with Randolph, which made figuring out his sexuality more difficult.

“It made it more confusing for me,” he said. “I loved everything about her. …I wish that would’ve been courageous enough to fix myself before breaking anyone else.”

He apologized to Randolph for involving her.

He told Robin:  "I would like to say sorry for how things ended, I messed up I made a lot of bad choices.

"I loved everything about her, and it's hard for me to articulate my emotions and going through that relationship with her because I obviously had an internal fight going on.

"I'm sorry for any pain and emotional stress I caused, I wish it wouldn't have happened the way it did. I wish I would have been courageous enough to fix myself before I broke anyone else."

He also told the other women who competed: "I would understand why they would think that way, I thought a lot of this too.

"Do I regret being The Bachelor? Or handling it the way I did? I do think I could have handled it better."

"I wish I had been courageous enough to fix myself before I broke anyone else."

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