Why did they change it?! Question of Sport fans staggered at BBC its awful

Question of Sport: Anton du Beke discusses his love for golf

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Question of Sport have recently revamped their format of the BBC One sports quiz, as Friday evening saw host Paddy McGuinness welcomed team captains Ugo Monye and Sam Quek. However, fans were hugely disappointed as Strictly Come Dancing star and professional dancer Anton du Beke joined Sam’s team.

Commenting about the changes on Facebook, Afton Allcock said: “Why fix something that clearly wasn’t broken? This was one of the best programmes on the BBC.

“You have made a massive mistake… and I hope it shows in the rating!!!”

Carol Twite wrote: “The new format is dreadful, watched the first one and won’t be watching again. Enjoyed the programme from the very beginning, but it’s been spoilt now.”

June Lucas added: “Why did they change it was much better with the old group watched the first as fat as I am concerned will be the last.”

However, not all fans of the show were upset over Anton’s appearance, with Janet White writing: “He was really good, better than most!”

Mary Fortey also agreed and said: “He was so knowledgeable, knew more than the athletes!”

Anton’s appearance on the show divided viewers and ended up causing a long-running debate between viewers on Twitter and Facebook.

Paddy introduced Anton to the show and asked his team captain Sam: “Sam, how are you feeling about Anton on your team? Obviously known from Strictly by he’s a big golfing nut.

Sam replied: “I’m really excited, and you know you play off two [handicap], do you watch a lot of it on the telly?”

“I do watch a fair amount on telly, actually,” Anton replied, where he also explained his love of sport despite it not being his career.

“I’ve been a big sports fan all my life, I played loads of sports growing up, and golf has become my game that I’ve played over the past few years.”

Anton’s speed and knowledge surprised Paddy and Ugo as he flew through the quiz and answered most of his answers correctly.

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Closing the show, Paddy praised Anton for his performance which prompted the audience to give him a huge round of applause.

Paddy asked rival team captain Ugo: “What a performance, be honest were you surprised?”

He nodded and replied: “His depth of knowledge across decades of sport, across loads of sports, whether its geography or hair flicking, he’s all over it.”

Equally impressed, Paddy gave his opinion referring to an earlier answer: “It was the ’84 dart one that got me.

“I was like, ‘Where’s he got that from?’ Absolutely fantastic,” he added.

Previously the show was home to Sue Barker, Phil Tufnell, and Matt Dawson, explaining why fans of the show were so disappointed by the reshuffle.

The BBC released a statement in response to the backlash that read: “Question of Sport has been a firm favourite of BBC One audiences for over 50 years.

“One of the reasons the show remains successful is because the hosts and captains change,” a spokesperson said in the statement.

“It’s always been important that Question of Sport remains an authentic sports quiz which we hope continues to entertain.”

Question of Sport continues Friday on BBC One.

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