Why is Boris on Countryfile?! BBC viewers in meltdown as farmer resembles PM

Countryfile: Tom Heap discusses pig farming crisis

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Countryfile’s Adam Henson met with some camel farmers to discuss the rise of camel milk, but fans of the show were immediately distracted by Joe’s similarities with Johnson. Many who had tuned into the BBC show were quick to take to social media to see if others had noticed.

“I’ve seen hundreds of cows milked, but never a camel, it’s quite extraordinary,” Adam commented after meeting with farmers Joe and Rebecca.

He continued: “So, a cow would produce somewhere in the region of what,  25 litres a day, what sort of milk would you get from a camel?”

“Two, maybe,” Rebecca replied. “But, bearing in mind you’ve got big camels in Somalia who might be producing a lot more.

“These are not camels that are bred for milking.”

Adam added: “And you’re hearing the milk with the calf.”

He turned to Joe, asking: “Do you leave the milking to Rebecca?”

Joe replied: “I leave the milking to Rebecca, yes,” as viewers flooded Twitter to make comparisons to Johnson.

Joe continued: “These camels are quite incredible because unless they really like you, they don’t milk for you.

“They love Rebecca and my daughter, but I’m an animal trainer, not a farmer.”

Twitter user Sian_L commented: “This camel milk farmer on #countryfile looks like a ‘Wish’ Boris Johnson.”

Newman booth added: “A distant cousin of @BorisJohnson explains how it is harder to milk a Camel than the country #countryfile #whatgammonshortage #LBCINews.”

Iaine May said: “Is #boris moonlighting on #Countryfile as a camel farmer … rumbled.”

@RedRoseRomeo penned: “This camel milk farmer @BBCCountryfile is possibly @BorisJohnson’s cousin #milk #Farmers #countryfile #BorisJohnson.”

rattycastle remarked: “#countryfile dear god Boris is milking camels what next #secondjobs.”

Kevin Anthony shared: “#countryfile was that a Johnson camel trainer just now ….?”

Jane B asked: “Why is Boris Johnson on Countryfile?”

“Boris’ second job in the camel dairy just got rumbled!  #countryfile,” Chris Labrey joked.

Elsewhere on the show, the presenters looked into the timber trade in Kielder Forest.

Countryfile returns on Sunday at 5.20pm on BBC One.

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