Why is Vera not on TV tonight, 12 September 2021?

VERA fans hoping to get their next sample of drama will be left disappointed as the show has concluded for the current series.

The hit detective drama, which returned to our screens at the end of August, only featured two episodes.

Why is Vera not on tonight?

Vera has become a fan favourite and returned last month for it’s 11th series.

The show, which follows no nonsesee DCI Vera Stanhope, has aired in January and featured four episodes.

However, filming of the 11th season had to be delayed due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

As a result, the first two episodes of the new season have only just aired, around seven months later than expected.

At the moment, it’s unknown when any future episodes will air.

What has happened in season 11 so far?

In the first episode of series 11, a contractor is found dead on the steps of the Collingwood Monument in Tynemouth – and the plot thickens when the obsessive detective realises that he was set to testify in an upcoming trial.

In episode two, we follow the investigation into the death of Angela Konan, whose body is found in the grounds of a national park.

Vera and her team is then tasked with unravelling the events leading up to the support worker’s date.

They soon discover that an increasingly erratic Angela may have clashed with two clients in the week before she died.

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