Why the Dynasty reboot is one of Netflix's best shows to date – from steamy sex scenes to grisly murders

Flamboyant fashion, face slapping, hair extension pulling and sex – well, everywhere and anywhere – Dynasty is EXACTLY what we need to get some sparkle and spunk back onto the box.

For a bingeworthy break from depressing reality comes the uber flashy, trashy, super-sexy twists, turns and pomp of the mega, repeat: MEGA, minted. And here's why it's so damn good:

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WARNING: Spoilers/graphic content below

The sex scenes are unreal

Literally. Very sexy, but highly unlikely. And that's why they're so fantastic. Have you ever slept with a priest behind the back of your billionaire husband? Er, no.

Or made sweet love to the man who was pretending to be your long-lost son? Don't think so.

What about a fling-everything-off-the-desk-at-work-style romp with important papers flying everywhere? Not that I can recall.

Dynasty does sex at its best – just like it should be in the movies. ie: FAKE. No thank you to any of TVs unfiltered, too realistic, sizzle-free romps.

Catastrophic catfights

It's back to the 80s with the never-ending fist fights, backstabbing and rolling around on the floor trying to kill each other. Sounds like Christmas.

One minute they're sipping on a glass of Dom Pérignon, the next they're drowning each other in the courtyard's water feature.

Who has a water feature? Or a courtyard? The Carringtons, that's who.

Alexis and Cristal reprised the iconic Dynasty fight from the 80s with Joan Collins and still managed to look chic.

Life's a Carrington catwalk

Designer labels, dripping in diamonds and power dressing. It's high fashion for the ladies and gents of Dynasty.

If you're not dressed up to the nines by breakfast, consider yourself the hired help.

The ladies would rather lose a limb than wear basic. God forbid Fallon put on a pair of jeans. It's unheard of.

If they have to wear PJs they're silk. Other than that, they're more accustomed to the family PJ (private jet, obvs).

Jim from Neighbours is in it!

G'day! It's Jim from Ramsay Street. (Yes, that is an ancient reference). Alan Dale plays Joseph Anders from NZ, the trusty yet dark butler and long-time family aid.

You could rely on him for anything. Just don't mention the fact he slept with Alexis behind Blake's back.

Or the fact he has wild child Kirby who may or may not have attacked the family. Or the fact he's actually Steven's REAL DAD.

Let's just gloss over that. Things happen. If Blake can forgive him then so can we .

The storylines are brilliantly bizarre

Who can forget when Adam – the long lost Carrington son – killed his adoptive mum, nestled his way into Blake's family, pushed his own mother Alexis into a fire and burnt all her face.

She then came back after surgery looking like Fallon's doppelganger (it was actually Elizabeth Gillies who plays Fallon).

She then had another face transplant and it was so long to the iconic Nicollette Sheridan and hello Elaine Hendrix.

Cristal Carrington is now Latina and comes from Venezuela. Sammy Jo is no longer a female and is now a gay Latino man.

The Colby's are of Nigerian descent and it's set in Atlanta, not Denver.

Not that bonkers? Jeff Colby and cousin Fallon Carrington were sleeping together and due to get married. Weird.

Fallon gets married to and falls in love with someone she met on a bench. Doesn't sound too Dynasty, does it?

He then gets amnesia from being attacked by Fallon's long-lost psycho brother Adam. But Fallon finally gets her man.

They're just like us. Kind of

Aside from the sprawling mansion and owning a handful of multi-billion dollar businesses.

Oh, and having maids, butlers, chefs, private jets on tap, a personal chauffeur and a new designer outfit every day – morning, noon and night.

Plus of course their back catalogue of murderous, inter-family romance, gun shooting, fire starting, malicious, vicious, money grabbing plotting tendencies.

And we wouldn't want it any other way.


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