Willow Palin Just Left a Snarky Reply on Instagram After a Rude Comment Was Left on Her Pregnancy Announcement

We know Sarah Palin best for being the previous governor of Alaska, but it seems her children have taken the spotlight over the years. From violence in the family to teen pregnancies, the news has loved covering the Palin family over the years. And even more recently, we can’t forget that Bristol Palin, who has three children of her own, was featured on MTV’s Teen Mom for a brief period of time.

Now, it’s Willow’s turn in the spotlight. The 24-year-old just announced she’s pregnant — but it seems not everyone’s willing to congratulate the mom-to-be. After a rude comment was left on her Instagram, she proved she’s unafraid to shut her ignorant followers down.

Willow Palin married Ricky Bailey back in 2018

We don’t hear too much about Willow Palin, as she was often overshadowed by Bristol’s stint on Teen Mom or Track Palin’s history with the law. But Willow assuredly has her life put together, especially for someone who’s just 24. She married her husband, Rick Bailey in September 2018 in their native state of Alaska, E! News reports. The two were together for at least five years and got engaged in 2017 in New York City. Unfortunately, even their wedding was slightly overshadowed by family tragedy. Track, who was 29 at the time, was arrested a day before the wedding for domestic violence charges.

Even with the drama, Willow didn’t let it get her down. She shared a few moments from her wedding on Instagram for her fans to see, and they appeared to be totally happy for her. “So beautiful!! Congratulations!! God bless your marriage with His grace, peace, and joy!” one fan commented on the photo.

She just announced she’s expecting twins

Even more exciting news is on the way for the Palin family. Willow just announced on Instagram that she and Ricky are expecting twins. “@rickyb901 and I are so excited to welcome TWO little babies into this world! Baby Bailey’s arriving December 2019,” she captioned the adorable post. And it seems Sarah Palin has already taken to her daughter’s Instagram to express her happiness, too. “ECSTATIC & BLESSED x2,” the happy grandmother wrote.

Willow doesn’t have any other children, so the twins will be her first step into motherhood. She’ll surely have lots of help from family, however, as Bristol has three little ones of her own and can help Willow prepare.

She’s not afraid to take on the Instagram critics, either

When you’re in the public eye, there’s a good chance you’ll receive negative feedback even on your happiest moments, and the Palins know this well. A few upset commenters took to Willow’s pregnancy announcement to express their real feelings about the happy news. One even wrote negatively about Bristol by adding, “No career, 3 baby daddy, 5 kids, hope you are learning responsibility from someone else. If you can’t feed em, don’t breed em. Her future is single mom of 5 kids…wow….sad example….” Another also rudely added, “Wow thats all we need is more Palins.”

And others took the opportunity to correct Willow’s grammar instead of adding anything worthwhile. “There’s no apostrophe when denoting a plural,” commented another — and many others had the same to say.

Willow had her own snarky reply to those who wanted to correct her grammar, however. She added, “thanks for congratulating my husband and I! We are so excited!” And she also commented, “my kids will be a lot nicer people than those who troll on Instagram.” Along with the negative comments were happy ones, too, however, so hopefully, Willow can focus on those.

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