Zack bravely reveals HIV diagnosis in Queen Vic after accusation in EastEnders

Zack Hudson (James Farrar) is set to reveal his HIV diagnosis to the Queen Vic punters in powerful EastEnders scenes.

Zack was diagnosed with HIV earlier this year, after being told to get tested by old acquaintance Brett.

Brett revealed that he had HIV, and because he and Zack had shared steroid needles in the past, he may also be at risk.

Zack struggled to come to terms with his diagnosis at first, but finally found the strength to reveal all to partner Whitney Dean (Shona McGarty) following the loss of their daughter, Peach.

In upcoming scenes, Zack will reveal his diagnosis to Martin Fowler and Sharon Watts (James Bye and Letitia Dean) after learning that he needs a blood test to take part in a boxing match.

The boxing match is the brain child of Phil Mitchell (Steve McFadden), who wants to continue to promote Boxing Den within the community.

Zack is billed to fight in the prime slot against Ben Mitchell (Max Bowden), but is forced to pull out because of his HIV diagnosis.

Following the match, Zack clashes with a riled up Ben in the Queen Vic, while trying to enjoy a drink with Martin and Whitney.

‘It starts with Zack backing his best mate Martin and male ego, which Ben Mitchell is the king of’, actor James Farrar revealed.

‘Zack is just trying to play things down, and explains that he openly turned the fight down because he doesn’t feel the need to prove himself.’

As Ben accuses Zack of being a coward for not fighting him, Zack ends up making a shocking and unexpected announcement in front of everyone in the pub.

‘Through Ben’s ability to get under people’s skin, and his selfishness, and his ability to think that his problems are bigger than everyone else’s problems, Zack flips and ends up announcing his HIV diagnosis to The Vic in a moment of impulse.’

James Farrar explained how Zack expects the revelation to go down, having only recently opened up to family and friends.

‘Because of the reaction that Sharon and Martin gave Zack only a week prior, I think he was hoping that people would side with him but we will see how that unfolds.

‘Essentially, it’s through goading that Zack finally announces his diagnosis as he explains to Ben that he didn’t fight him as he wanted to protect him.’

How will the residents of Walford react to Zack’s revelation?

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