Adult star wannabe dies after illegal butt lift procedure by mum and daughter

A wannabe porn star has tragically died after undergoing an illegal butt lift operation carried out by a mother and daughter.

NBC reports that Libby Adame and her daughter, Alicia Gomez, have been charged with murder of 26-year-old Karissa Rajpaul after injecting liquefied silicon mix into her buttocks.

The ‘patient’ even filmed some of the procedure which appears to have taken place in an ordinary California home.

Rajpaul was filming on her phone in a selfie style way and includes showing the buttocks augmentation happening behind her.

She is seen laying on a table, which is believed to be at a home in Encino last September.

The news channel called the footage “chilling” after it was posted to social media.

The video of the procedure was posted online and will now form part of the evidence for prosecutors.

It was the second of three procedures within a month of each other, but immediately after the third, she passed away as a result, according to the station.

The LA Police Department told them that Rajpaul had moved from South Africa to pursue a career in the adult film industry.

Rajpaul recorded the video to share on social media for the woman performing the procedure, known as La Tia.

LAPD Valley Bureau Homicide Detective Bob Dinlocker arrested Adame and Gomez, and said: “That's how she would advertise it, everyone knows her as La Tia."

She allegedly injected Rajpaul and many more with a liquid silicone mix.

He told the station: "The internet is filled with stories where they cut the medical-grade silicon with the stuff you would caulk your windows with.

“It hits the blood stream, attacks the heart, the brain and the kidneys."

LAPD Deputy Chief Alan Hamilton said he believes many women who have also used the service could be in danger, and he told the station: “These are very dangerous, unlicensed medical practices that are propagating themselves through social media.

"We need these victims to come forward because we need to find out if there are other victims out there that are permanently disfigured or may have passed away as a result of some of these procedures and may have been a victim of a criminal act."

Det. Dinlocker told NBC they are claiming the mother-daughter duo would transport their medical supplies to private homes with no regard to any emergency contingency.

And if something awry were to happen, he says the suspects would disappear, leaving paramedics to arrive at an unknown medical emergency.

Board Certified Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon Dr. AJ Khalil told the news channel that injecting silicon into the buttocks is not only illegal but can also be deadly.

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He added: "There are implants that go in the buttocks but they're solid."

And the surgeon said some people even mix the silicon with motor oil means for car engines.

Det. Dinlocker claims Adame and Gomez were charging up to $4,500 for the procedure, which would normally cost anywhere from $10,000 to $15,000 in a board-certified medical practice.

Adame was released a day after her arrest after posting $1 million bail, and a court date has not been scheduled for her case.

Galaz, who was released on bond two days after her arrest, is scheduled to make her first court appearance on December 8.

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