Afghan girls football team WILL be allowed to come to Britain to flee the Taliban

PRITI Patel will let the Afghan girls football team come to Britain to flee the Taliban.

The Home Secretary has given the green light to issue the squad, their coaches and families with visas.

They are currently on temporary visas after escaping to Pakistan, but faced being sent back to the women-hating Taliban regime.

A source close to the Home Secretary said: “At the heart of Priti’s new Afghan resettlement scheme is the protection of women and girls.

“The Afghan women’s football team will be able to make the UK their home, free from fear and persecution.”

Last month Leeds United offered to pay for their flights and train the 32-strong teen team.

Kashif Siddiqi, co-founder of charity Football for Peace, thanked Boris Johnson and Priti Patel for the visas.

He added: “We’re still waiting to hear but if confirmed it means 111 Afghan girls, family and coaches have had their lives changed forever by Britain.

“Every single visa is a life enhanced, the right to education protected and the freedom to play football preserved.”

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