Ahoy there May! Relaxed PM takes to the Thames at Henley Regatta

Ahoy there! Relaxed Theresa May takes to the Thames during the Henley Royal Regatta as Boris Johnson and Jeremy Hunt race to replace her in Number 10

  • PM Theresa May attended the Henley Royal Regatta on the River Thames today
  • Mrs May boarded the umpire’s launch Argonaut, to watch a race from the water
  • In Greek mythology, Jason uses a boat called the Argo to find the Golden Fleece
  • Mrs May will be replaced by either Boris Johnson of Jeremy Hunt on July 24 

Prime Minister Theresa May took time out of her farewell tour to watch today’s action at Henley Regatta. 

Mrs May arrived with her husband Philip at the society event as her days in Number 10 approach an end. 

Henley-upon-Thames is only a short distance from her home village of Sonning in her Maidenhead constituency. 

Prime Minister Theresa May, pictured in Argonaut on the River Thames today at the Henley Regatta. Mrs May and her husband Philip joined the umpires to follow one of the races 

Mrs May, wearing oversized sunglasses, looked relaxed as more than 100 miles away in Nottingham, her potential replacements Boris Johnson and Jeremy Hunt attended the latest hustings for the Tory Party leadership 

Mrs May is expected to attend her final ever PM Questions on July 24, two days after the winner of the Tory Party leadership contest has been announced

The PM and her husband were taken on a launch to inspect the course.  

Mrs May looked remarkably relaxed as she sat on board, wearing a pair of shades. 

Meanwhile, her eventual replacement as leader of the Conservative Party and probably prime minister was in Nottingham today for the latest in a month-long succession of hustings. 

Former foreign secretary Boris Johnson is the bookies’ favourite to win the Tory leadership contest with his rival Jeremy Hunt considered the outsider.  

The leadership ballot closes on July 22 and the result will be revealed a day later.

Theresa May is expected to take her final session of Prime Minister’s Questions on July 24 and hand over to the contest winner that afternoon.

However, the new leader could face an immediate vote of no confidence in the Commons if they are determined to pursue a no-deal Brexit. 

Mrs May arrived at Henley earlier today sporting a large white hat, but removed it before joining the regatta umpires on their launch

Mrs May and her husband Philip, pictured left, have likely only a fortnight left in Downing St

However, senior Tories have expressed concern after it emerged some members have received multiple postal ballot papers. 

According to the BBC, more than 1,000 members could have received multiple ballot papers. 

Former Tory leader Iain Duncan Smith, who is chairman of Mr Johnson’s campaign, told the BBC’s Today programme: ‘Obviously there is an issue here, I accept that,’ adding he is sure party chairman Brandon Lewis is looking into the matter.

‘In all elections there are issues about this, where people are registered separately, and in the ballot papers it’s quite clear… that you are not to vote more than once,’ Mr Duncan Smith said.

‘But it’s clear that the Conservative Party needs to continue to do some work and look into how they can actually sift this properly so that they recognise who is who.’

Boris Johnson, pictured, and Jeremy Hunt addressed Tory Party members in Nottingham in the latest set of hustings to choose Mrs May’s replacement

Jeremy Hunt was also in Nottingham in a bid to become the next Tory Party leader

Former Cabinet minister Sir Patrick McLoughlin, who is chairing Mr Hunt’s campaign, said the issue has ‘got to be looked at’, but he expects Tory members to follow the rules and vote just once.

Sir Patrick, a former Conservative chairman, told Today: ‘It’s made very clear on the ballot paper that you are only allowed to vote once. I expect Conservative members to follow that.

‘If people have joined two associations they may get two ballot papers. I get two ballot papers in elections because I am on two different sets of electoral registers, it doesn’t mean that I vote twice, I don’t.’

A Tory Party spokesman said: ‘The ballot holds clear instructions that members voting more than once will be expelled.’

According to party chairman Mr Lewis, there are now 180,000 Conservative members.

People could be members of more than one Conservative association but the party compared the situation to a general election, where citizens can be registered in more than one constituency but are only eligible to vote once.

The leadership ballot closes on July 22 and the result will be revealed a day later.

Theresa May will take her final session of Prime Minister’s Questions on July 24 and hand over to the contest winner that afternoon.


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