Andrew Tate arrest sees Romanian pizza chain bombarded with rave reviews

The Romanian pizza chain that featured in Andrew Tate's cringworthy response to a online mauling from Greta Thunberg has suddently started getting rave reviews.

The fast food chain, Jerry's Pizza, is rated 4.3 stars on Google and is said to be "worth doing time for", plus it tastes "so good you'll dox yourself to get a slice".

Yesterday (Thursday, December 29) British ex-kickboxer and Big Brother contestant Tate, 36, was arrested on suspicion of human trafficking, rape and forming an organised crime group.

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And some outlets reported that it was the sarcastic video response to Thunberg that ended up leading police to him.

Tate was having an online spat with the 19-year-old when he tweeted her to brag about his “33 cars” before he taunted her again yesterday, brandishing a pizza box that he said wasn't going to recycle.

But, as we reported earlier, it appears the address on the box may have tipped off Romanian cops that he was back in the country.

And people have flooded online to review the pizza joint. One highly-rated review reads: "So good! Or shall I say, arresting! You'll want to handcuff yourself to this pizza!"

While another says: "Pizza worth doing time for. Be sure to ask for the Karma special."

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"The pizza tate's great, I even had police kick down my door to get a slice!" someone put, and a fourth chimed in: "Pizza so good it's worth getting arrested for!"

It comes after Tate and his brother Tristan were detained in Romania on Thursday.

A spokesperson for the Directorate for Investigating Organised Crime and Terrorism (DIICOT) told the BBC prosecutors had applied to hold Tate at a "detention centre" for an additional 30 days.

A judge will rule on the application this afternoon (Friday, December 30), they added.

One theory now suggests police may not have been able to identify Tate's whereabouts but for the back-and-forth with climate activist Thunberg.


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