Angry Ukrainian sailor sabotages £5million yacht owned by Russian weapons boss

An irate Ukrainian sailor has been arrested after allegedly sabotaging a £5million yacht owned by a Russian weapons boss.

The unnamed 55-year-old mechanic said he scuppered 156ft luxury yacht, named Lady Anastasia, in Mallorca after war broke out at home because he claims his boss's weapons are being sold to Vladimir Putin and used to kill and maim his countrymen.

The vessel was moored at Port Adriano by Alexander Mijeev, a former head of the Russian Helicopter Corporation but took over state-owned weapons supplier Rostec six years ago.

Mijeev's member of staff, who had worked for him for several years, allegedly opened three valves on the five-cabin yacht so it would take on water "in an act of revenge", according to Ultima Hora.

A court heard how the man was watching the news and saw a Russian missile attack on Kyiv when he devised his plan.

He decided to shut the fuel valves to avoid polluting the marina while opening a valve in the engine room to bring in water – and two more in living quarters for the staff and crew.

The yacht became partially submerged, as a result, but it is still tied to its moorings.

Three other crew members were on board and were unaware of the plot until the mechanic told them to abandon the ship saying: "Don't worry because I will take all the blame."

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Following the incident, the man reportedly waited by the boat for his arrest and said: "My boss is a criminal who sells weapons that kill the Ukrainian people."

After his arrest, he admitted responsibility and even told police: "I don't regret anything I've done and I would do it again."

However, he was freed by a judge and it is unconfirmed if he faced any charges for his offences.

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