Baffled dog has funny reaction to owner pretending to bite his ear off

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During the clip, viewers see Oliver the Weimaraner sitting with his owner appearing to be enjoying a late night cuddle. As the canine sits calmly, the young man grabs his pet’s right ear and pretends to chew it, alongside a sound effect of a bone crunching noise.

As he pretends to munch away, the large dog appears suddenly shocked at the thought of being eaten alive, with his eyes bulging out in fear of the unexpected move.

But the hound soon realises that his ear is still intact and it was all a joke.

Oliver then shows that he forgives his owner for the prank by lovingly licking him on the face.

Since uploading to social media sharing site TikTok, the funny footage has been watched over 65.3 million times and gained 5.6 million likes.

Several people shared their thoughts of Oliver’s response to the ear eating joke, one person said: “The dog looks traumatized.”

Another person who attempted the same trick commented: “I tried this with my Pitt, he didn’t like it.”

However, several people were left grossed out by the owner willingly placing the whole ear into his mouth, with one TikTok user comparing it to someone eating a chicken wing.


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Weimaraner’s are a large, German dog breed that was originally bred for hunting during the late 19th century.

They are known for being intelligent, energetic and for their distinctive light grey-blue coats, sometimes referred to as the “gray ghost” of the dog world.

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