Baffled woman comes home to find stranger wearing her clothes and cooking dinner

A woman was shocked to discover a stranger in her home wearing her clothes and cooking dinner, Canadian police said.

Robert Anthony Stumpo, 35, was charged with burglary after he fled the scene still wearing her garments.

A police spokesman said: "The accused had cooked a meal, stolen personal items, and was wearing clothing items belonging to the female."

The 33-year-old woman called cops after making the bizarre discovery in Toronto on Monday evening, Mail Online reports.

She had returned to the apartment around 5pm to discover Stumpo, who lives in the city, in her kitchen cooking.

He fled her apartment before police arrived but was tracked down nearby and arrested, according to the Toronto Police Service.

Stumpo has been charged with breaking and entering, and had his first court appearance at College Park on Wednesday.

Authorities added that along with the clothes he was wearing when he fled, Stumpo also made off with several of her personal belongings.

His mugshot, released by the Toronto Police Service on Wednesday, shows a disoriented Stumpo with what appears to be some bruises.

Police currently are seeking information from the public on any other possible victims of Stumpo.

Last month a naked homeless man broke into a mansion in Bel Air, California and came face-to-face with the owner – but refused to leave.

Instead, he stayed at the house and tried on the owner's clothes, swam in his pool, and killed his pet parakeets.

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34-year-old Paul Kiyan broke into the mansion of Mat Sabz with a remote control he stole from an unlocked car in the driveway, reports MailOnline.

He was caught on the home's CCTV cameras and he entered the house and started making his way up the stairs.

Owner Sabz only became aware of the intruder when his wife received an alert on her phone saying that someone was inside the house who shouldn't be.

When Sabz came out to confront Kiyan, he remained calm and went for a swim in the owner's pool.

"I see a man downstairs, eye to eye. Immediately I raised my voice and pointed at him saying "Hey what are you doing?"', Sabz told Fox 11.

But being confronted didn't stop the burglar.

Instead, Kiyan looked at Sabz and said: "This is my house, what are you doing here? I'm going to call the police."

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