Barney the bull still steering clear of capture on Long Island

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Long Island’s runaway bull is still on the lam.

The 1,500-pound beast, nicknamed “Barney,” was first spotted in Mastic on Tuesday, and has since been seen as far off as Stony Brook — but has thus far eluded rescuers for five days.

Authorities even tried to entice the bull with a seductive cow named “Norma Jean” — named after screen icon Marilyn Monroe — but even that failed to bring Barney out into the open.

Even thermal and cellular night vision cameras, which caught brief glimpses of the bull, have fallen short of tracking him down.

“We’re still on the case,” said John DiLeonardo of Long Island Orchestrating for Nature, among the rescue groups out looking for the bull.

“Patience is the name of the game from now on,” he told Newsday. “We have the corral set up, we’re taking shifts with the other rescue groups, ready to pull the rope if he goes in. We have a camera set up.”

The wayward animal busted out of a farm on Barnes Road in Manorville by breaking through a fence — soon prompting multiple 911 calls and a “code red alert” for residents in the area, who were cautioned not to approach the bull.

Doorbell camera footage has shown the bull trotting down Suffolk County residential streets here and there, including one clip where cops and gawkers look on.

But somehow he’s managed to keep disappearing.

When he is caught the plan is now to send Barney to an animal sanctuary, Newsday reported.

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