BBC Weather: Britons warned ‘have a brolly at hand’ as wet front brings drenching rainfall

BBC weather: Rain expected in most parts of the UK

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Matt Taylor discussed the latest UK weather maps on BBC Breakfast on Friday and detailed which parts of Britain are set for a spell of wet weather. The meteorologist warned that few regions of England and Scotland will escape the downpours completely with the rainfall set to move down the country through the course of the day. 

Mr Taylor told BBC Breakfast: “Across the northern half of the country at least have a brolly at hand at some point through the day.

“It’s not gonna rain all day, that’s for sure but there will be some rain around but in the south, you will probably stay dry.

“Again there’ll be a little bit more rain into tonight.”

He added: “Parts of western Scotland, Northern Ireland been getting wetter and wetter during the last couple of hours.

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“The southeast of Northern Ireland, south-east Scotland dry at the moment, that will change that rain is on the move southward and eastward through the day.

“England Wales starting off dry a few mist and fog patches best of the sunshine to the South and East where it will stay with sunny spells throughout the day.”

The weatherman continued: “Brightening up in Scotland and Northern Ireland into the afternoon after this morning’s rain so temperatures here once the sun is out, well then maybe around 18 degrees in parts of Northeast Scotland.

“21 to 22 towards the south and east but for the school pick up evening rush hour parts of Northwest England, north and west Wales especially wet.”

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“That rain does make its way into Yorkshire, part of the Northwest Midlands as we head towards the first part of the evening,” continued Mr Taylor. 

“We could just see the splash further south into tonight.

“Not a great deal though gardeners will still be left disappointed for many of you.

“Dry then to end the night in most parts clear skies in the West.”

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He added: “Bit cooler tonight than last night.

“As we go into this weekend, a lot of dry weather around

“There will still be one or two showers and temperatures above where we should be for the stage in May.

“Pleasant enough when the sun is out.”

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