BBC Weather: Carol Kirkwood warns 6-inch downpours and severe gales to batter UK

BBC Weather has warned some areas could see over a month’s worth of rain as up to 150mm (5.9 inches) are forecast to fall because of the rain-bearing front set to cross the UK. Carol Kirkwood said strong winds will also be slamming into the country but noted the breeze will be pushing up temperatures over the next few days. Ms Kirkwood said: “Some of us today will see some torrential downpours.

“We’ve got rain moving from the west to the east accompanied by very gusty winds. But what you’re going to notice is it’s going to be milder than it was yesterday and that trend is going to continue over the next couple of days.

“We’ve got all this cloud romping in from the Atlantic. It’s an area of low-pressure and it’s got a couple of weather fronts around it. 

“Look at those isobars, that’s telling you it’s going to be windy. The strongest winds will be in the west but particularly gusty across the northwest, Wales especially, and we’ve got all this rain already piling in across Northern Ireland, southwest England, Wales getting into northwest England and southwest Scotland.

“The Met Office has a yellow weather warning for the rain across southwest Scotland, northwest England and Wales today and the next couple of days for some. There’s the risk of flooding from it.”

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The heavy rain is the result of remnants from Hurricane Epsilon coming in and pushing Atlantic rainfall and winds toward the UK.

The Met Office issued a series of yellow rain warnings covering large swathes of the western UK as the forecasters said conditions are set to “build up” over the coming days.

Ms Kirkwood continued: “A cold but a bright start ahead of the rain but the rain marching in with cloud building ahead of it through the day and then, behind it, we’re looking at a fair bit of cloud.

“There will be one or two brighter breaks. We’ll see some patchy rain with some drizzle coming out of that cloud and then we still have the rain, still heavy where you see the yellows and the greens in the chart.

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“Don’t forget the gusty winds. Sunshine hanging on the longest across parts of the northern isles but the cloud continuing to build.

“Temperatures today ranging from 11C in the north to 15C in the south.”

She continued: “Through this evening and overnight, we lose the first band of rain but we do have the second one following in right behind it.

“There will be some clear skies but there’ll still be a fair bit of cloud around and some showers as well.

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“Temperatures, these are more reminiscent of daytime temperatures than nighttime temperatures.”

Milder conditions are set to continue through Friday before thermometers start making their way down at the weekend.

Heavy downpours will continue to plague the UK as we head into the weekend, with the winds developing into “severe gales” across the west.

Ms Kirkwood said: “As we move into Saturday. We’re looking at a weather front moving backwards, so it’s going to be a wet day, and unsettled day during the course of Saturday.

“We will see some heavy rain but the other thing is it’s going to be very windy. Windy wherever you are but strong winds and severe gales across parts of the northwest.”

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