BBC Weather: Carol Kirkwood warns ‘plethora’ of showers to spark -3C morning freeze

BBC Weather: UK set for damp and mild conditions

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BBC Weather meteorologist Carol Kirkwood warned of heavy rainfall for this week as well as freezing early starts to the day. Rain and showers can be expected across England as Ms Kirkwood predicted that ‘Temperatures in parts of the Highlands could get down to minus two or minus three.’ Brits can also expect to see patches of fog and cloud as it’s set to be damp most days of this week.

Tuesday is set to be the best for temperatures with Southern Western parts seeing 12C highs.

Ms Kirkwood said: “Today is going to be fairly cloudy and also damp, what is happening is we’ve got all that cloud and dampness coming in from the West.

“And after a frost bright start in the East that will be eradicated by the cloud, pushing across with its patchy light rain and drizzle.

“But something heavier across Northern and Western Scotland, but it’s also going to be pretty windy with gales across the Northern Isles.

“But strong winds across the Western Isles. Now with all this cloud around the mildest conditions, today will be in the West.

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Ms Kirkwood added: “In the Est temperatures still above average for the time of year.

“But it will be cooler than it’s going to be in Western areas, as we head on through the evening and overnight.

“Our system our weather front pushes Southwards and Eastwards taking all these cloud its mist its hill fog and its damp conditions with it.

“Behind it, there will still be a plethora of showers across the North and the West.

UK Weather: Met Office forecasts frost and fog

Ms Kirkwood added: “And here too will still be windy, we’re into clear skies it’s going to be cold.

“Temperatures in parts of the Highlands could get down to minus two or minus three.

“So there will be a touch of frost for you but a milder start in some of these areas today.

“And then our weather front very slowly trundles down towards Southern areas.

Ms Kirkwood added: “Taking its coastal and hill fog with its dampness with it.

“A lot of bright skies behind it, a fair bit of sunshine but still those showers peppering the North and West.

“Still windy here but not as windy as today, and it will be cooler in the North today and milder in the South than today.”

In the meantime, there have been nine flood warnings issued across the country today for the Upper River Ouse, River Seven and the Rivers Culm and Clyst.

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