BBC Weather: ‘Disruptive’ rain and 60mph winds to batter UK as weather front moves over

BBC Weather: Carol Kirkwood forecasts sunshine and showers

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Carol Kirkwood told BBC Breakfast the UK will experience sunny spells for Wednesday as a weather front from Tuesday begins to leave the country as it heads east. But Britons have been told to enjoy the sun while it lasts as a new weather front will be moving in with strong gusts and heavy rain set to bring misery for western parts of the UK. The rain and winds will continue until the weekend with Ms Kirkwood warning they may disrupt day-to-day life.

Speaking on BBC Breakfast, Ms Kirkwood remarked most of the UK experienced heavy rain on Tuesday with the weather front now moving east.

She told the show: “[The weather front] came in from the west and it drifted east.

“It’s now in the North Sea but it’s left a lot of cloud in its wake in eastern areas.

“But elsewhere, we’ve got some clear skies, high pressures across us.

“Temperatures have fallen away and it’s a chilly start in parts of Scotland as temperatures are close to freezing.”

But Ms Kirkwood wanted to assure most of the UK will see a bright Wednesday.

She continued: “But we do see a lot of sunshine, we will see a lot of sunshine today as a ridge of high pressure is building across us.

“It will be reasonably breezy, there will still be a few showers around but it’s not gonna last because we’ve got another area of low pressure coming our way.

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“So a lot of cloud on the east coast first thing.

“The rain again pushing it to the North Sea and we’ve got these showers with many of them fading as we go through the course of the afternoon.

“But by then the cloud will be building across the west of Northern Ireland ahead of this next system coming away which is an area of low pressure.

“[It will be] bringing more rain so enjoy the sunshine today despite the temperatures 11C to 16C, it’s not going to feel particularly warm compared to what we’ve been used to.”

Ms Kirkwood then looked at the days beyond as the weather takes a turn for the worst overnight.

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She added: “Overnight [Wednesday] there will be some clear skies to start with just a few showers.

“But the wind is going to start to pick up out towards the west and then we’ll see some persistent rain coming our way.

“By the end of the night, we’ll have gusts in the Irish Sea right around 40 to 50 miles an hour.

“But the strongest gust of wind will be in the Western Isles where we’re looking at 60 miles an hour.

“And then low pressure remains with us for the rest of the weekend into the weekend with the potential later on Saturday into Sunday for some disruptive wind and disruptive rain as well.”

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