BBC Weather: Italy to face further flooding issues as Europe battered by slow moving rain

BBC Weather: Europe set for slow moving rain across the continent

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BBC Weather have forecast heavy long-lasting rain in the Mediterranean that will cause flooding issues. These flooding issues are set to remain on Wednesday for Italy, Sicily, and Malta according to the weather forecaster. She also noted that western Europe will stay dry until a new weather front that is set to hit the UK brings the wet weather to the continent.

Ms Lucas said: “Low pressure in the Mediterranean has already brought heavy rain and flooding problems.

“This is in the far south of Italy, Sicily, and Malta as well.

“You can see the cloud here on the satellite image associated by the area of low pressure.

“It is not going to be moving anywhere in a hurry.

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“Similar areas will once again be seeing heavy downpours on Wednesday, particularly for the likes of Sicily and Malta.

“It will also be spreading it further eastwards and to western parts of Greece as well.”

The BBC Weather forecaster noted that some parts of southeast Europe will remain dry.

She said: “Turkey keeps a largely dry and settled with another warm day to come in Cyprus.

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“You can see the rain starting to arrive in the far south of Greece, Crete could see some heavy downpours for instance.”

On the other side of Europe in Spain and Portugal, it will remain dry and warm on Wednesday as well.

Ms Keith Lucas said: “It is still dry on Wednesday for Portugal, Spain, and France too.

“This weather front in the UK is bringing some rain in the north and that will push its way to other western parts of Europe too.”

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She closed by saying: “On Thursday there is not much change.

“We still have that low pressure in the central Mediterranean so more wet weather there.

“Many areas dry and settled but this weather front from the west is waiting in the wings.”

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