BBC Weather’s Matt Taylor warn Britons over weekend rain ‘Be prepared’

BBC Weather: Patchy light rain forecast

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BBC weatherman Matt Taylor has forecasted patchy light rain for this coming weekend as Autumn brings a mixed picture from many across the UK. Speaking to BBC Breakfast on Friday, Matt issued a warning for people planning weekend day trips “be prepared” for the weather to turn. 

Mr Taylor told BBC Breakfast: “The autumn colours will look good at times, particularly on Saturday, a bit of sunshine around.

“But any plans on Saturday just cater for the chance of some rain, there’s going to be plenty of showers, particularly to the north and the west of the country.

“As for Sunday, a lot of dry weather to come probably the driest day for many of you, but across these southern and western areas, and after a bright start be prepared it is going to become increasingly wet and windy later in the day.

“So that’s your quick guide to the weekend what about today, today’s gonna be a bit of a mishmash of everything we have got some mist and fog around through East Anglia, southeast at the moment.

He told BBC Breakfast: “All of us I think will see rain at some point through the day, but at least there should be a little bit more sunshine around as we go into the afternoon compared with this morning.

“Here’s where the rain is at the moment, it’s patchy light rain and drizzle across southern counties not as heavy as we saw the other day but we’ve got some heavier bursts in the central belt of Scotland into parts of Northern Ireland at the moment that is edging its way southward.

“It will push through Glasgow and Edinburgh in the next hour or two eventually easing off, rain turning a little bit lighter and patches across Northern Ireland for sometime

“Sunshine coming out here but we’ll see some showers back in across the north and west of Scotland, the odd rumble of thunder possible.”

BBC Weather: Blustery showers sweep across the UK

“Cloudier afternoon for Northern England, north and west Wales with some rain at times and staying very cloudy East Anglia southeast this afternoon.

“Again here some patchy rain or drizzle but further west along southern areas and the Midlands things will gradually brighten up.

“Winds not particularly strong through today,” he continued. 

“Always a bit cooler further north and that will be the story for the next few days.


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Matt added: “Into this evening and overnight first batch of showers clears away and then lots of showers rolling into the West later in the night.

“Some rumbles of thunder flashes of lightning possible.

“But before that pushes it could be cold enough for a touch of frost in parts of Scotland, milder further south. 

“But then as I said for Saturday a story of sunshine and showers.”

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