Best place in UK to survive zombie apocalypse – it’s bad news for northerners

Want to escape a zombie apocalypse? Then the only way is Essex.

A rural corner of the county – famously home to Towie legends Joey Essex and Gemma Collins – is the best place to survive an invasion of the undead, researchers reckon.

They wanted to discover if we could repel a post-doomsday zombie army like the one in hit TV dramas The Last Of Us and The Walking Dead.

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And they discovered that residents of towns and villages in the Uttlesford area are best placed to give zombies the runaround.

The rural favourites are dotted with remote buildings to hide in, surrounded by farm land for food, and have good roads to flee on.

Freelance writer David Claridge, who lives in Felsted, said: “Zombies don’t scare me. Bring ’em on.”

The 60-year-old added: “Uttlesford is a great part of the country.

“We’ve got a shed to hide in and a concrete garage to fight them off from if the worst comes to the worst.

“The A120 isn’t too far away if we need to make an escape and there are acres of farmland and derelict buildings around to base a fightback from.”

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More than 306 areas were ranked for their zombie risk by renting platform Rentola.

The South emerged as safer than the North, with seven out of the top 10 best places in southern England.

They included Crawley in West Sussex, and Folkstone and Hythe in Kent.

Craven in North Yorkshire is the worst place in Britain from which to repel zombies.

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Rentola’s Benjamin Vajic said: “The recent years have seen a multitude of problems afflicting the world.

“However, the situation could potentially worsen. What if a new epidemic arises that turns people into zombies, or a war breaks out between the living and the dead?

“If you don’t live in the safest place it may be wise to consider relocation in the event of a global zombie outbreak.”

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