Bizarre moment mystery man falls from the sky onto a car then gets up unhurt and flees the scene without telling anybody – The Sun

A BEWILDRED businessman is searching for the man who fell 20ft from the roof of his car dealership onto one of the parked cars below, before casually strolling away.

John DiLeonardo, owner of Fort Myers car dealership, Modern Corp. Auto Sales, in Florida shared the bizarre CCTV footage in a bid to catch the culprit who damaged the roof of the car.

Footage shows a barefoot man in a red T shirt and what appears to be swimming trunks seemingly fall from the sky before smashing onto the roof of the car – backside first.

The flying vandal lands perfectly in the middle of the car's roof and takes barely a second to collect himself after the shaky landing.

The car's roof appears to smash – spraying tiny pieces of black metal or plastic about the mystery red-shirted man, but he escapes unscathed.

Something that looks like it could be a wet towel is flung from the man's head onto the boot of the car, but he doesn't stop to pick it up as he jogs away happily.

You never know when somebody is going to get on your roof and then jump off

The man scoots off the boot of the car before casually jogging away – without even a look back to see if anyone saw the ordeal.

The car is now in a safe place at the back of the dealership – away from any more people who may be falling from the sky.

Dealership owner, John, thinks the young man who damaged his car may have used a ladder that was in a fenced in area to the back of the dealership to climb to the roof before either falling, or jumping onto the car below.

He said: "If I could give advice to anybody, if you have any ladders laying around your business or your home, make sure they are secured properly, because you never know when somebody is going to get on your roof and then jump off."

According to reports, the man also took a blanket from outside the business that John leaves outside for the stray cats he feeds.

John has informed the Fort Myers Police Department, and hopes to resolve the car's damage through insurance.

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