Bloke, 60, found dead and tied to a bed leads to hunt for three Tinder women

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    Police are attempting to hunt down three women said to have been involved with a 60-year-old man found dead and tied to a bed following a heart attack.

    Investigating authorities suspect foul play in the death of Daniel Alfredo Rusticane, who was found with his hands and feet bound, with his possessions also missing.

    He is said to have met with several women that night on dating app Tinder, and the 60-year-old veteran is thought to have died during a robbery.

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    Authorities found Rusticane's Ford Ranger pickup truck had been stolen and subsequently abandoned five blocks away from his home in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

    Analysis of a set of fingerprints found on the steering wheel of the stolen truck is currently underway as authorities attempt to track down the three women.

    Rusticane's daughter, Gisela, has appealed to neighbours and is asking them to help identify the women he allegedly met with before suffering a heart attack last week.

    A close, anonymous friend, told police: "He sent me an audio at night saying he was with two or three women."

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    From there, investigations have continued, with prosecutor Karina Licalzi refusing to rule out the possibility of a sexual game taking place prior to the victim's robbery.

    Rusticane, who was a veteran of the Falklands War, suffered a fatal heart attack at his home, according to an autopsy report.

    Authorities are, however, still waiting on results of a toxicology report that could establish whether Rusticane consumed anything that could have triggered a fatal heart attack.

    A police spokesperson said: "There is also the possibility the women tied him up and he died from shock or anxiety.

    "We do not rule out this hypothesis, although we are awaiting the complementary laboratory results to be sure."

    Investigations into Rusticane's death are ongoing and appeals have been made by his daughter in the hopes of identifying the three women he was allegedly meeting with the night of his death.

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